Frank Cotignola, who is Consumer Insights Manager in the CIS Center of Excellence at Kraft Foods, wrote an article recently for Listen First!, an ARF blog, on “How To Get Started with Listening Research.”

One tool he mentions for getting “in-depth insight and understanding” is ConsumerBase. He says that “ConsumerBase allows you to monitor and interpret conversations that are naturally occurring, using ‘lenses’ that allow you to understand consumer likes and dislikes, positive and negative emotions, and positive and negative behaviors.”

He describes using ConsumerBase to uncover a range of insights, including:

  • Consumers like coupons (especially in this economy) because they provide discounts and help save money.
  • Consumers have very strong emotions about coupons, as more than 50% like/love/show strong emotions about them.
  • Strong emotions drive usage, as 60% are “frustrated” by them and describe them as “limiting” and “worthless.”
  • Interestingly, despite unfavorable economic conditions over the past two years, only 17% say they “need” coupon.
  • Read the full article for all the insights about coupons.

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