25 Influential women on twitter

Social media is THE place to get recommendations for products, test the social waters of opinion and discover emerging trends among consumers. Monitoring it for influencer marketing strategy is vital for knowing which way the wind blows – especially when preparing for a new year of campaigns.

In this article we’ll use consumer market research to explore the top female influencers trending on Twitter. Our analytics for Twitter combined with social media listening will reveal:

  • Female athletes influencing consumers beyond the game
  • Women with a cause
  • Influencing, like a celebrity
  • CEOs: It’s a (wo)man’s world!
  • Momrepreneurs telling it like it is

There’s a lot to learn as we lift the veil of power influencers to analyze social media engagement, such as:

  • 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement
  • There are 500 million tweets per day made on Twitter
  • Engagement is uniformly important to reach, and influencers are equally good at both. Audience analytics reveals why this is so valuable to brands.

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Athletes Influencing the Masses on Twitter

Social media influencers hold sway over consumers today. 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than advertisement. So, let’s see what our consumer sentiment monitoring tool combined with social media monitoring can show us to support this fact.

Social listening reveals conversations from all over the US pertaining to women athletes, with consumer market research that’s color-coded for quick understanding. Topics include Protecting Women’s Sports, Sports Clothing, Mental Health and more. The clusters are made up of nodes, representing posts, blogs and articles talking about female athletes.


Clicking on Hall of Famer, we see an article about Tara VanDerveer, head women’s basketball coach at Stanford University since 1985. Audience analysis tells us she is a trailblazer for all female athletes today.


And this is fitting as she was our first influencer’s coach.


Nneka Ogwumike puts her influence to work. As a Los Angeles Spark and president of the WNBA players’ union, she helped negotiate an agreement that included an 83% compensation raise, expanded health care, and full-salary maternity leave for players. Her actions and care for her team are motherly, which is fitting as her name means “Mother is Supreme.”

Her influence helped her achieve benefits for players that were out of reach previously. And there are many others female athletes that have shown equal tenacity both on and off the court – or whatever sporting arena we find them in!


  • Anastasia Ashley – Super surfer and model and has more than 111K followers. She doesn’t show any signs of stopping with her thrill-seeking ways. And the thrill factor is key to marketing.
  • Angela Rypien – She is an Americanquarterback in the Legends Football League and supports herself solely from working as a model or spokesperson for companies like Under Armour. Here body of work is evidence that influencers are integral to leading brands’ marketing.
  • Sydney Leroux – Not only is she an influencer on Twitter but she is called one of Instagram’s top lifestyle influencers. As a mother and Olympic gold medalist, she’s inspirational, and offers the perfect partnership combo for brands.
  • Tanyka ReneeFrom foster care to travel influencer, Tanyka takes her 21K followers on an adventure every time she posts. Inspiring content makes her desirable, especially as we recover from 2020.

And just as Nneka Ogwumike was an activist for her team, women everywhere are influencing for a cause – a variety of causes, in fact.

Change Agents: US Female Activists

From gun violence to cleaner water, female activists are taking their place in the spotlight.

Our conversation timeline reveals emerging trends in the female influencer discussion. Each color block is focused on a separate topic.

In December, both Environmentally Conscience and Climate Change Activism battled it out for top talk. And it remained that way much of the month, with a large spike in Social Justice and Equality around mid-December. However our two former conversation category contenders are persistent. We’ve selected an area on December 23rd to highlight an emerging trend around climate and sustainability.


Not all trends are gold though, and locating influencers can help you filter the good from the bad.

An example is this post (below), which is calling out a company for greenwashing – which is claiming to be sustainable when they aren’t:


Honesty is the number one thing consumers want from brands, and this post gathered quite a bit of attention, with a potential reach of 712K+. Social media monitoring can identify micro-influencers like this one, and their relevant conversations, and head off a PR nightmare.

As we all know by now, monitoring for potential issues is critical as consumers are calling brands to the carpet. And Angela Walker isn’t afraid to call out anyone either – no matter who is on the receiving end.


She was the Green Party Nominee for Vice President, a mother and sustainability activist, lending her years of expertise to her 30K+ followers on Twitter. And with 77% of people wanting to live more sustainably these days, she’s one to watch as where she goes, a groundswell of consumers is likely to follow.

And here’s a few more fighting for what they believe in:

  • Emma Gonzales She helped found March for Our Lives and tweets about social justice causes which 71% of Americans believe companies need to be more vocal about.
  • Alicia Garza – Alicia Garza hosts a podcast which covers everything from social justice to beauty, which reaches over 120,000 people.
  • Blair Imani – Blair Imani is an activist and historian promoting female empowerment, and LGBTQ rights. She lends her Twitter to others, amplifying their voices and offering a chance to influence using her page as a conduit.
  • Zeynep Tufekci – Zeynep Tufekci wrote a book titled “Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest.” She discusses identity, society, protests, and technology on her Twitteraccount with her 340K followers.

Influencers aren’t just talking about sustainability though. They’re having conversations all the time, and celebrities are chief among this tribe.

Celebrities Directing Consumer Conversations

The US loves a celebrity. And 13% of consumers have reported being influenced with by a celebrity influencer. Engagement is the new impressions, it matters just as much as reach.

And Kim Kardashian understands this importance.

In March of 2020, Kim was tagged in a video made by a fan of hers and Kanye’s. She responded with enthusiasm and kindness, which resulted in 7.6K likes and 492 retweets.


Social listening shows how consumers are expressing themselves online and gives influencers – and their sponsoring brands – the opportunities to connect. Finding them is the rub. And is what a solid social listening tool offers.

When we explore emotions surrounding these Female Celebrities, we see love and beautiful woman as mostly positive, with a few negative words sprinkled in. Clicking on badass, this post gives the honorary title to hard working women in general, as well as a few tagged celebrity influencers.


These next celebrities have stood the test of time, and know what being an influencer is all about:

  • Britney Spears– This pop star has kept up her career through a mix of controversy and success. She has 55M+ followers, which include celebrities like Cher and Janet Jackson.
  • Selena Gomez  – Actress and vocalist and considered the ninth most influential woman on Twitter. And her 63 million followers are hanging on every word she posts.
  • Ariana Grande – Arianna’s release of her song ‘thank u, next’ has been ablaze on Twitter. And she gives lots of shout-outs to her fans. And, as we’ve learned communication is key to staying on top.
  • Lady Gaga  – This lady needs no explanation with huge success in both music and acting. She is the 6th most followed person on Twitter and comes in number three as most influential women.

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CEOs Showing How It’s Done on Twitter 

There are 500 million Tweets sent per day on Twitter. And CEOs are a significant chunk of that conversation. Our bar chart is segmented to illustrate where the most talk from these powerful females is coming from. Forbes is top of the list, and Twitter is third, beating out other social media.


Pulling conversation directly from the Twitter bar above, we see a post speaking to a societal shift – one where people are prepared to embrace powerful women, instead of sectioning them off to a few stereotypical roles.


As the world evolves, brands need to be aware of messaging and not defaulting to placing women in traditional roles. After all, 50.04% of American jobs as of 2020 were held by women. And CEO of GM, Mary Barra is among them.

She was named one of the most powerful women in Forbes 2013 list. She sits on the board of Disney and the list goes on. She clearly has made a mark, and she uses Twitter to help spread the word on becoming a boss woman leader.

  • Jacqueline Novogratz – Founder/CEO of Acumen, uses an entrepreneurial approach to address global poverty. She is the author of The Blue Sweater, which explores interconnectedness between the people of the world. And this is a hot topic presently.
  • Amy Jo Martin – Author, entrepreneur, and CEO of Digital Royalty, she helps individuals and brands build and monetize their digital universe. And her 948K followers trust what she has to say.
  • Eve Mayer – CEO of Social Media Delivered. She consults with organizations on how to use social media to achieve their business goals. She is recognized by Forbes for her influence in the social media industry.
  • Kim Garst – Kim Garst is the Founder and CEO of Boom! Social, a personal branding and social media business consulting firm, delivering in-depth training to entrepreneurs and corporations such as IBM.

And just as the view of a women in the world is changing, so is the face of what motherhood looks like . . .

Mompreneurs Having It All, with a Side of Humor

Women are tired of the June Cleaver image of motherhood and want other mothers to embrace imperfections with openness and a little humor. And female influencers are highly relatable for other women especially if they have been through challenges, such as motherhood. Enter the Bloggess, Jenny Lawson.

She is furiously funny and true to herself about life, motherhood, and business. This approach attracts 463K followers on Twitter. Along with four books on life and motherhood, Nielson has her listed as one of the top 50 most powerful mom bloggers and thebloggess.com is listed in Forbes 100 websites for women.

Demographics via social media monitoring gives us perspective on mompreneur consumers. We can see the largest group are those aged between 35-44. Relevant posts for this age category are listed to the right, with two belonging to an emerging mompreneur, Misty Dorman.

It’s critical to understand who your audience is, as specifically as possible, and what will resonate with them. You want to be assured of hitting your mark. With social listening, you can do that.

And once you have, you discover additional influencers inhabiting a similar realm that could reveal a new consumer segment you hadn’t considered. These next mompreneurs, for example, have witty posts that travel far with women:

With so many categories of successful female influencers at a brand’s disposal, all that’s really left for you to do is find the ones relevant to your brand by using social listening. And we’re ready to demonstrate it in action for you – so be sure to, reach out for a demo!

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