2019 Social Analytics Guide to Influencer Marketing on Reddit

Reddit influence is one of the best kept secrets in many a brand’s marketing toolbox, primarily because it’s a tough nut to crack. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting and created the 2019 Social Analytics Guide to Influencer Marketing on Reddit to help those curious (which should be everyone) understand influencer marketing on this mostly misunderstood site.

Welcome to Snooville & Reddit Influence

No one calls Reddit, “Snoovile” by the way – but it is the land where these lovely little creatures exist. You’ll see them as participants’ profile avatars. The name of the game is anonymity – and it’s what makes the site so valuable to marketers.

Reddit commands a significant following as “the front page of the Internet.” With an average of more than 330 million active monthly users, it’s a place where people come to comment, post and vote on a variety of content that resides in an almost endless number of communities, known as subreddits.

Here’s how it looks:

overarching view of Reddit and how people interact

And here’s how it works:

Users create a screenname, and are guided to use something that is not identifiable as them (unless they’re a brand, more on that next). And then they’re asked to select interests to follow, to help with subreddit discovery and encourage active, anonymized participation in these niche groups.

Reddit participation is rewarded with Karma points, with is a sort of leaderboard standing with perks and specific subreddit access based on said points. This is just a sampling of the longer list found in the guide:

Snapshot of popular karma-based subreddits

What the heck is karma? We’ll get to that soon. Just know that it’s like “likes” but with magical powers.

And how many subreddits are there? We speak to subreddits more specifically in the guide, but as of this writing, there were 1.2 million active subreddits tallied in the last count.

Statistics showing explosive growth of Reddit's community and why influencer marketing on Reddit makes sense.

Reddit describes itself as a “home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. Whether you’re into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet’s cutest animals, there’s a community on Reddit for you.”

And for your brand as well.

Understanding Influencer Marketing on Reddit – A Sneak Peek

Anonymized is not the same as “anonymous,” of course. So, although each redditor’s real-life identity is hidden, the activity – his/her comments and posts, are available for anyone to see on their profile page.

These comments and posts can be sorted by recent, last year, all time (and more, as seen below). They can even be sorted by whether or on they’re controversial. This is all good to know before brands attempt to partner with these potential infuencers, right?

viewing Reddit influencer comments by type and timeBut wait, before we even talk about brands, it’s important to understand Reddit influencers. And the most important bit of business there? They hate it when businesses infiltrate their subreddits and attempt to sneak in sly promotions.

So how can brands possibly find purchase here? It’s not easy, but also not impossible. And entirely worth the trouble.

Brands Have a Place Too

The tightrope brands must walk in Reddit is very real, and offers tenuous footing at first. Many fall and have to start over again as a brand new Snoo. But once a brand has established itself as a credible, reputable and respectful community participant, Redditors are apt to bestow karma as they would on any redditor. This can help the brand become a Reddit influencer in its own right!

Karma again – what is it? “Each unique upvote a redditor receives earns them one karma point; and each downvote means they lose a karma point. One can also earn (and lose) karma by commenting on posts.” And the more karma a redditor has, the more credibility and acceptance – and potential for making valuable connections with influential redditors and/or directing massive amounts of traffic a deserving brand’s way.

How influential are participants here? The site has been called “the most engaged group of users, who are influential, authentic and disruptive across the internet.”

Do you think celebrities would waste their time on Reddit if it wasn’t an amazing – and free – promotional opportunity? Because they do (spend time there) –  both as Reddit participant and on AMAs.

AMAs Can Win The Day

Ask Me Anything (AMAs) are super popular with the celebrity set and for any brand seeking to create Reddit influence. They’re even popular with regular people too, and influencer marketing of Reddit greatly benefits from hosting a successful one! The person or brand hosting sets a time to be active on Reddit and answer questions. It sounds easy, but it’s really not.

The ability for fans to authentically interact with famous folks is a huge draw, of course – as is asking them (and brands) tough questions about who they are and what they stand for.

Some celebrities and brands do really well here. Others run away wishing they’d never heard of Reddit. Folks making up the latter group didn’t do their research ahead of time, and certainly didn’t have an informative guide to inform their efforts!

AMAs can be amazing – or a nightmare. In the report, we offer lots of tips around hosting a successful AMA and so much more. Get there!

Download the guide to read more about everything Reddit, and plan to spend some time with it! And then reach out for a demo around influencer identification powered by Next Generation AI, because it’s truly amazing and you need it in your life right now.

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