Will Smith or Nick Jonas? That’s not a typical “would you rather” question but an example of two different discussions happening on two different parts of the social web. As a marketer, if you’re not monitoring multiple social networks you could be missing out on valuable insights to inform your marketing strategy.

Take for example DirecTV. Over the past month, they’ve aired the largest pay-per-view event in recent history and enjoyed continued success of their ad campaigns featuring actor Rob Lowe. If you were just monitoring Twitter for DirecTV, you may get the impression that boxing and Rob Lowe are all that people talk about. Expanding to different data sources such as Tumblr can give you a different perspective to help diversify your content and advertising. [Refer to Figure 1.]

directv word cloud

As a point of comparison, let’s use NetBase to determine the people associated with DirecTV over the last month. If we were just looking at Twitter, we would see Will Smith is the most talked about person. This actually comes from a play on the current DirecTV ads. The ads feature Rob Lowe introducing himself as a DirectTV customer followed by an alternate version of himself such as Creepy Rob Lowe or Meathead Rob Lowe introducing himself as a Cable user. Twitter users have taken the fun one step further by incorporating other celebrities and their alternate versions. Most notably the fan-created versions of Will Smith and Goodwill Smith has been retweeted over 1,200 times. [Refer to Figure 2.]

directvtwitterScreen Shot 2015-05-14 at 6.16.21 AM

However, if we look at the people associated with DirecTV on Tumblr, the top result would be singer Nick Jonas. Will Smith would be nowhere to be found. [Refer to Figure 3.] Rob Lowe is still high on the list, indicating DirecTV ads have resonated with the Tumblr audience, but these other celebrity variations have not. Instead, the Tumblr crowd is focused on Nick Jonas’ first romantic scene on DirecTV’s original program Kingdom. A .gif image showing the preview of the scene in question has been re-blogged over 400 times. The prospect of seeing a pop star Tumblr audience grew up with in a sultry new light seems more enticing than the meme-ification of the Rob Lowe ads.


Paying attention to the different conversations happening on Twitter and Tumblr is a great way to decide what content to create and where to advertise it for the most impact. In this case, fans created new memes in the vein of DirecTV’s ad campaign did great on Twitter whereas releasing a sneak preview .gif of Nick Jonas spread like wildfire on Tumblr. By monitoring more social networks, you would be able to pick up on unique conversations, interests, and trends to help you better interact with your audiences in meaningful ways.

For more information about monitoring Tumblr with NetBase please go here.

What Data Sources do you monitor? Let us know in the comments below.

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