NetBase’s AI-Powered Image Analytics Now Includes 2000+ Logos – The Largest Social Listening Library

Niraj Sharma |
 07/31/19 |
5 min read

NetBase’s AI-Powered Image Analytics Now Includes 2000+ Logos - The Largest Social Listening Library

Visual mentions are critical to your brand – missing just one post can be costly. That’s why NetBase continues to innovate when it comes to our Next Generation Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Image Analytics logo capabilities.

And it’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our pre-trained logo library to include 2000+ logos of global brands across CPG, Luxury, Retail, Food and Beverage, Travel and Hospitality, Media and Entertainment, Sports, Financial Services and Technology.  

This is the largest library of pre-trained logos in the social listening category. And it gives our customers ready-to-use out-of-the-box logo recognition, eliminating both time and cost associated with training logos that other social listening platforms require.

But that’s not all – we have enhanced precision recognition features that will be a game changer for brands!

Enhanced Precision Logo Recognition – an Image Analytics Game Changer

Image Analytics is a powerful tool for managing your visual brand by providing richer data from visual content to understand the context behind images.

Since the introduction of our 100% in-house developed capability we’ve continued to rapidly innovate our Image Analytics capabilities. We’ve developed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning to provide the most accurate and deep image analytics.

NetBase has long offered Image Analytics on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, including the ability to read image text to pick up non-logo mentions of your brand.

And now, we not only offer the largest logo library but also the highest precision image analytics logo recognition that detects partial, hidden, rotated, and even modified logos to measure brand awareness, drive content ideation, track sponsorship impact:

For example, searching for Coke imagery that also has Starbucks logos, we set our precision filter to low:

Searching for Coke imagery that also has Starbucks logos, with our precision filter to low

And capture partial logos:

Partial logos image captured using AI analytics

Rotated logos:

Rotated logos image captured using AI analytics

And modified logos:

Modified logos image captured using AI analytics

NetBase gives users the flexibility to adjust the precision of our image analytics logo recognition to return images that aren’t an exact match. This is good for identifying trademark infringement and modified or defaced brand logos on social media.

Other systems are less flexible and will deliver fewer logo matches. This makes finding logo infringement much more difficult, if not impossible, in other platforms.

But while these new capabilities are exciting, let’s not overlook the many other Image Analytics offerings you have at your fingertips!

Photo Concepts – Image Analytics Brands Need to Succeed

Our extremely useful (and wildly popular with clients) Photo Concepts functionality, which was seamlessly integrated into our platform several years ago is more powerful than ever. With Photo  Concepts, clients can analyze and provide rich context into all images.

This includes logos, of course – and also objects, memes, scenes, faces, and emotions! This capability adds greater depth and context to your keyword and audience analysis, capturing a complete picture for your brand::

  • Image Analytics is available to all topics in NetBase via Photo Concepts
  • The Objectsview displays objects identified in post images, such as “person” or “sandwich/burger.”
  • The Scenesview displays scenes identified in post images, such as “soccer field” or “arena.”
  • The Emotionsview displays emotions identified in post images. NOTE: Currently, NetBase supports three emotion types—happiness, sadness, and neutral.
  • The Logosview displays secondary logos identified in post images. For example, a logo-based topic for Starbucks might contain the Starbucks logo along with a Dunkin’ Donuts logo.

AIi image analytics searching a logo-based topic for Starbucks and returning the Starbucks logo along with a Dunkin’ Donuts logo

The Photo Concepts Widget is available for non-logo topics too. And all research in NetBase includes AI Image Analytics.

Photo Concepts Widget using AI Image Analytics

Facebook is an important data source for Image Analytics. NetBase supports image analysis coverage, enabling you to analyze objects, scenes, emotions, and logos surfacing from Facebook posts in combination with image data from Twitter and Instagram.

Analyzing objects, scenes, emotions, and logos surfacing from Facebook posts in combination with image data from Twitter and Instagram

Facebook is an important data source for NetBase Image Analytics

We also make it easy to zero-in on only the logos you want to see. With filtering you can set the number of filters for image data by up to five logos. This lets you compare how your logo is “mentioned” alongside key competitors or brand partners. And with our new precision filtering, you’ll be able to detect partial, hidden, rotated, and even modified logos there as well! 


This ability is critical for tracking sponsorships, looking for infringing logos, or checking in on the competition, including hilarious takes on competitor logos that you may want to be aware of!

In NetBase it’s easy to focus on the right subjects.

Showing the ability to filter by up to five logos, which is necessary for competitive intelligence intel.

Filter by up to five logos – this is great for tracking co-branded content and sponsorships.

Let’s say you’re a brand like Chick-fil-A, who have had major success with visual content; Their highest performing GIF ever was of a stack of biscuits with honey slowly drizzling down the sides.

If you wanted to capture the breakfast market, you might analyze images of biscuits being shared by, and on behalf of, your competition. And you don’t want to be limited to image posts with only the word biscuit in the description.

AI Image Analytics in action, capturing biscuit picture that does not explicitly name them.

No mention of biscuits here, but there they are…


Being able to identify images based on an object opens up a whole new level of insights you couldn’t access before.

But where text is present, it becomes part of your analytics.

Visual mentions aren’t always logo and object/scene based. Text plays an important role in images shared online. NetBase’s advanced Next Generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform identifies image text – so you can find mentions of your brand that aren’t logo or post mentions.

In the examples below, you see instances where the term “Starbucks” appears in a post image but not in the post text:

Sharing instances of the term “Starbucks” as it appears in a post image but not in the post text:

This is just another example of information you’d miss without Image Analytics logo capabilities in the mix. These information gaps would affect your customer experience – because you’re making decisions without all of the data available.

Customer Experience Analytics

If this describes you, you’re hardly alone. Our Consumer Experience Analytics Report details the ways in which brand CX experts use social data – and the many ways they still don’t.

Image Analytics is among the tools that should be standard for all modern brands, but many still rely on outdated options like Excel spreadsheets. Or else they focus too much on a singular business area – like customer service – while neglecting others. Which is like going to the gym and only working out one part of the body, instead of all.

Just as Social Listening is important to understanding audience preference, and Social Monitoring important to staying attuned to sudden changes in social sentiment and conversation volume, Image Analytics brings you a clearer picture (pun intended) of your audience.

And with these new image analytics logo capabilities, your team can be confident NetBase is picking up your brand mentions anywhere they happen online. Whether it’s an image mention, image text mention, or a mention in the post text itself, you can rely on us to make sure you have your finger on the pulse of your brand.

Want to see these new features in action? Get in touch with us and we’ll get you started with a walkthrough of all our powerful Image Analytics capabilities.

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