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Social trends are everything online and keeping up with them is a job in itself.Every platform on the social web is home to trends in one form or another, but one site – TikTok – has become a super popular hub for brands and influencers, as it is where many of today’s trends are born. And we’re going to help you discover them!


Every few weeks we make significant updates to our platform, with features that advance your consumer and market intelligence understanding. We help brands aggregate and analyze relevant intel, bringing it all together to offer you one point of truth to inform mission critical decision-making. And one of our latest updates includes NetBase Quid’s new TikTok Certified topic, and a language analysis enhancement, which we’ll mention at the end!

Let’s dive right into what this means and why it’s game changing for brands.


NetBase Quid’s New TikTok Certified Topic

Our new TikTok Certified topic provides access to publicly available historical and ongoing TikTok data, including the following:

  • Posts from thousands of brand and influencer channels across a variety of industries
  • #Hashtag-matched posts for popular #hashtags, such as #FYP, #skincare, #unboxing, and #sports
  • TikTok’s 1,000 “Top Trending” posts with daily updates
  • Post metadata, such as author name, follower count, and music tags

And it’s super easy to find in the platform too:


But what data does this capture specifically – and why care?

TikTok Data in NetBase Quid®

Our TikTok Certified topic provides access to posts from thousands of brand and influencer channels, a variety of industry #hashtag-matched posts, and top trending posts. So, whether you wanted to monitor top influencers, like Charli D’Amelio, or emulate brands that are killing it on TikTok, like Guess – you’ll have the latest and greatest intel on each, along with any #fyp level hashtags making the rounds.

@ourfire Don’t you wish getting ready was this easy? 😂❤️🔥 #inmydenim #sponsored @guess ♬ #inmydenim I’m a Mess – Bebe Rexha

NetBase Quid® collects thousands of posts from brands and influencer channels across a variety of industries, including fashion, beauty, retail, media, sports, and restaurants/food, and going as far back as two years depending on the channel. And both our top trending posts and our #hashtag-matched posts update every day. And we capture 1,000 historical posts for each #hashtag, as far back as 6 months depending on the #hashtag.

And, as savvy brand marketers know – metadata offers oodles of intel, and TikTok’s post metadata is a treasure trove

TikTok Post Metadata

NetBase Quid® provides author-specific post metadata, such as the author’s handle, name, bio, avatar, profile URL, and follower count, in addition to post metadata like the TikTok URL, post text that mentions supported #hashtags, and music tags including the track title and artist. This metadata is useful for identifying influencers, trending post music, or authors with positive sentiment toward your brand.

And we help you analyze this specific intel too. Every social site is different, of course, so we’ve captured the details you won’t want to miss.

Analyzing TikTok Data with Predefined Dashboards & Themes

We have new predefined dashboards and themes to help you gain an in-depth understanding of trending topical and audience TikTok content. These themes and dashboards will not only speed up your analyses, but will also help you analyze and present TikTok data to stakeholders who may be questioning the importance of the intel.

The dashboards include the following so far in our ever-growing library of offerings:

  • Beauty and Skincare Dashboard: This dashboard focuses on the beauty and skincare categories. You can replace the default General Conversation theme with an industry sub-category to deepen your analysis.


  • Food and Recipe Trends Dashboard: This dashboard enables you to easily explore trending food and recipe conversations over the last 30 days.
  • QSR (quick-service restaurants) and Fast-Food Dashboard: This dashboard contains an analysis of the top QSR and fast-food global brands. You can replace the default General Conversation theme with a specific language, campaign, or custom search terms to deepen your analysis.
  • Influencer Identification Dashboard: This dashboard focuses on identifying key influencers for your brand or industry. You can replace the default General Conversation theme with other industry-specific themes to discover new influencers based on follower count or popular posts.

And then the following themes provide a convenient way to overlay a set of relevant filters onto your TikTok analysis, segmenting conversations for a deeper, more customized analysis.

  • Video Duration Theme: Allowing you to sort posts by duration, giving you the ability to cross-referencing audience groups and follower count across authors.
  • Original Sound Theme: Use this theme to discover trending original sounds across multiple languages.
  • Official TikTok Account Theme: To filter your analysis to official TikTok accounts only.

That’s not all though – there are other platform updates to note as well – some more exciting than others, like the one offering Spanish language enhancements.

Spanish Language Enhancements

This release includes enhanced processing of Spanish-authored data, improving the accuracy of detected sentiment – for both positive and negative sentiment: We enhanced the handling of terms that often indicate positive sentiment without brand-specific context, such as “gracias,” “oferta,” and “descuento” to avoid irrelevant spikes in positive sentiment.  And we also assign sentiment based on adjectives to align with Spanish language construction.


And then we’ve increased the volume of sentiment detection in posts where brands and products are not specifically mentioned, as well as in posts that have sentiment across sentence conjunctions where brands are mentioned.

There are other exciting improvements around reporting capabilities and organizing data, but these are two items that are customers definitely wouldn’t want to miss – and that prospective customers may want to explore! If you find yourself in the latter group, please be sure to reach out for a demo. We’d love to take you on a tour and show you our latest updates and how they can impact your strategic planning.


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