How to Use Twitter Stats for Your Marketing Strategy

Harvey Rañola |
 06/20/22 |
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How to Use Twitter Stats for Your Marketing StrategyTwitter stats offer brands the inside track leading straight to consumers’ hearts, and we’re going to show you how that looks, along with some exciting new intel straight from the social channel itself! What intel can brands expect to discover when exploring Twitter stats, and how can they use them to inform their marketing strategy? Let’s find out!

Adding a layer of social media analytics to your Twitter stats intel-gathering is key – and our partnership with Twitter provides you with precisely that! As part of its overarching Birdseye Report, Twitter has gathered 2022 industry insights and emerging trends in collaboration with its Official Partners – and as NetBase Quid is counted among them, we created the Personal Care Report as part of it!

In our collaborative report, readers can explore insights and trends within the personal care industry, which is essential because, as “the world continue[s] to experience rapid change, consumer reaction is captured within the public conversation on Twitter.” And the ability to dig into that data is a must.

This deep dive into the personal care industry “analyzes key trends, backed by Twitter data, that are disrupting the status quo, including:

  • The increased interest in product ingredients, as well as cutting certain CPG items out of hygiene routines
  • What this means for the heightened sense of odor anxiety more people are experiencing post-lockdown
  • Strategies that activate on the trends within this steadily growing category
  • And more!”

There are quite a few surprise insights revealed there! But let’s take a step back and see what Twitter stats tell us overall – and examine some of the many ways that brands are using them, as we promised above!

What Are Twitter Stats?

Defined broadly, Twitter stats offer a world of insight to brands. When signing in, brands are presented with a series of dashboards to track tweet activity and engagement, follower insight and advertising efforts:

But what one can do with this data goes well beyond what one might expect from these overarching buckets. We’ll share five ways below, including:

  • Identifying consumer interests and communities
  • Finding popular hashtags
  • Discovering emerging trends
  • Tracking sentiment over time
  • Understanding regional differences

1) Identifying Consumer Interests and Communities

Creating targeted advertising based on interests and identifying look alike audiences one would not have discovered otherwise is Marketing 101 – but the way we can get this done today has shifted. And Twitter stats offer ways to fast track this insight.

By creating a topic search in your consumer and market intelligence tool, brands are quickly discovering adjacent interests of their consumers. And along with that, creative and authentic ways to connect with them.

For example, we see consumers seeking plant-based food options also over-indexing for pet ownership. Creating advertising that pairs the two is something to explore.

plant based folks indexed interests support food delivery

2) Finding Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are important Twitter stats, as they reveal the many ways consumers are engaging and having conversations in a given space. For example, CES is huge this month, so seeing it dominate technology category hashtags makes sense:


Nothing to see here, hmm? Unless you’re a brand seeking a way into the tech conversation – and to humanize your brand, perhaps. If that’s the case, then knowing which posts are resonating and creating your own campaigns showcasing user-generated content is something to consider. And something you’d see quickly surface in your Twitter stats research, making your campaign timely and relevant. That’s powerful ROI for your efforts.

3) Discovering Emerging Trends

Existing trends are important to understand for obvious reasons – but what about emerging trends? These Twitter stats are even more important to sort out, as they can send your category in an entirely new direction – and they can also alert you to potential disruptors in the space.Climate change is very much on the minds of consumers, for example – and understanding precisely how they are discussing it in your space is key. Having a contextual visualization of conversations clustered for quick exploration helps you monitor which subtopics are growing in your Twitter stats – and why. Transparent analytics will allow you to dig into insight, examining source intel down to granular level.


4) Tracking Sentiment Over Time

Consumer sentiment shifts over time. In NetBase Quid, we rank it from -100 to100 to capture the full range of potential. Here, our Twitter stats reveal the conversation about Apple Watch spikes, with mostly positive sentiment. Why?


Further analysis (clicking the spike to get to granular insight) reveals a fluctuation summary, which shows the conversation revolving around its new commercial, which is powerful.


5) Understanding Regional Differences

And then regional differences matter a ton as well. How consumers in different regions of the U.S. and various parts of the world may perceive a brand and its offerings can be very different – and your Twitter stats will reflect that. Knowing where your potential audience is in the world and what they’re saying should be top of mind.

Below, we see the worldwide sustainability conversation, showing significant volume in the UK. Brands marketing in that part of the world should take extra care to take sensitives around packaging and other sustainable practices to heart here – and potentially place a greater focus on messaging out about this topic.


And these options are really just the tip of what can be seen from a bird’s eye view when exploring Twitter stats, which is precisely what makes Twitter’s Birdseye Report so valuable. Be sure to check out the report series when you’re downloading the Personal Care Report we created! And also feel free to reach out for a demo, so we can walk you through a bird’s eye view of any industry you’re interesting in exploring.

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