When it comes to social media, everyone seems to be on Instagram or Facebook. However, Reddit is growing quickly. With 330 million active daily users, becoming active there is essential, and knowing how to create a subreddit is as well!

We’ll explore how to do that and more, including:

  • What a subreddit is
  • How to pinpoint your subreddit’s focus
  • Promotion, engagement and growth tactics

And knowing how to create a subreddit will have you on the cutting edge of social media marketing, which important because:

  • Reddit ranks as the 18th most visited site in the world.
  • 87% of brands use social media to promote themselves
  • 59% of U.S. shoppers tell others about a negative experience they’ve had with a company – on social media channels, Reddit chief among them.

Reddit is catching up to the other top social sites. With the right consumer intelligence, and once you know how to create a subreddit, you can effectively target people using this conversational and engaging app.

The example that follows illustrates why understanding how to create a subreddit is so important. Below, we can see where a top beverage brand is trending in the social atmosphere. Twitter is first, with Tumblr and Reddit following.


When we explore what their consumers are saying on Reddit, we see they are making comparisons between this top beverage company and another big name in the industry, favoring the latter for a whole host of detailed reasons. This beverage brand would do well to capture this conversation and get active on there, creating a relevant subreddit as a conversation hub to help turn this thinking around.

But first things first – what is a subreddit?

1. Understanding Subreddits

Reddit ranks as the 18th most visited site in the world and is organized by topic into “subreddits.” Subreddits are user-created boards that cover an infinite number of subjects. And anyone can create one (within reason) about anything.

Reddit users “upvote” or downvote on the conversations and comments they like, generating awareness and providing a powerful gauge around consumer perception -and, offering social proof. This makes it the perfect platform for brands to monitor and engage with their audiences.

Engagement, of course, is critical as consumers’ trust in brands has declined by half since 2014. But, if done correctly, having a presence on Reddit can help boost a brand’s perception and trust and buck those odds. But you have to know how to create a subreddit! Let’s sort that out . . .

2. Choosing Your Subreddit’s Focus

Audience understanding is key here: Who are they? What are their prevailing interests, genders, geographical location, professions? All of this can help you create targeted subreddits.

Below, our social analytics tool pulled intel on a top Food and Beverage brand to reveal its consumers’ interests by tracking trending hashtags. And since hashtags are a thing on Reddit, this intel can guide a brand toward how to create a subreddit that will successfully draw targeted consumers to you.


This audience is talking a good bit about Retail and Bitcoin, as well as coffee and the resale shop Poshmark. Digging in deeper to see what drives these consumers to purchase from our Food and Beverage company, we see them wishing Bitcoin was a payment option at this company’s stores. Something to consider in future planning, for sure.

We also see an interest in K-Pop, specifically BlackPink. This helps the brand understand the kind of content these consumers may want to see shared in relation to your brand. And that’s the point – to understand how to communicate authentically with your followers and help them transition to that next purchase. There’s no use posting about something your consumers don’t care about. And if you do, you’ll go as unseen as a single grain of sand in a desert. Tracking trends in conversation will help you stand out.

3. Subreddit Naming to Attract Targeted Attention

You have your topic, and you know what you’d like to post about. Now it’s time to name it, title it and describe it. These are all equally critical when it comes to grabbing the attention of the Reddit user and enticing them to join.

With naming, titles and descriptions, it’s best to be clear and concise, as whatever you name your subreddit will also be its URL. So, if you name it Sustainable Products, your URL will then be reddit.com/r/sustainableproducts.

It’s really self-explanatory and may even make sense to be the same as your name. And again, this is where tracking consumer trends provides insights on how to create a subreddit. You want to use something that’s highly desirable that consumers will search. And then there the finer details, including:

  • A sidebar which should offer a solid introduction around the purpose of the subreddit, any rules you want to set for the subreddit, along with links to relevant info.
  • Content Options – Do you only want to allow pictures? Text only means just that. And for more control of your subreddit, you can disable the ability to share links to avoid spam.


  • Wiki Option – You can set up a wiki for your subreddit. For larger communities this can be a plus.
  • Hiding Comment Scores – This can be especially useful for brands trying to control any negative responses. You can opt to keep users from seeing peoples upvote/downvote scores. This prevents people from being influenced by other votes and is an interesting concept to consider.

And once you have those details worked out, it’s time to determine how to use your subreddit for maximum impact.

4. Subreddit Engagement Tactic: Consumer Understanding

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. — Bill Gates

So much can be learned from a consumer’s bad experience, but if you can keep it from happening or address it when it happens, this is a win as well. Paying attention to the tone of posts in your subreddit is essential, as is monitoring for volume, brand mentions, and what consumers are saying specifically, as well as when they are saying it. Capturing sentiment behind their words allows brands to better meet consumer needs and address challenges.

Our leading beverage brand example below shows lots of positive sentiment (green). However, the red shouldn’t be ignored. Bad news travels fast and 59% of U.S. shoppers tell others about a negative experience they’ve had with a company. So, exploring these to be sure there’s nothing nefarious bubbling beneath the surface is smart.


When we explore disappointed, we see a Reddit user upset by the length of lines and how slow everything is moving at the brand’s store. It’s an important bit of insight to be aware of and look into, as it could signal a larger problem. And it’s something that your competitors may be aware of as well, and they could create a promotion that highlights their success at meeting your challenge.

5. Subreddit Growth Tactic: Trending Topics

People will often find you through the search function – at least initially. This is because its user base is always searching this site for fresh content. It bills itself as “the front page of the internet” for a reason, after all! So, being timely with posts is key. If you’ve found something relevant and trending to post about, being the first one on the scene can grow your subreddit following significantly.

The right social media monitoring tool can track all of the social media sites simultaneously, including Reddit, to keep you on top of trending conversations about your brand, your competitors and your overarching category. Combine that with your consumer understanding, and you’re able to zero in on hot topics that will resonate with readers and encourage them to follow your subreddit for more of the same. It becomes less time-consuming as you develop a baseline for your audience and gain a deeper understanding of what kind of content resonates with them – and it’s so worth the effort!

Navigating new social networking sites can be confusing, but we can help you take the guesswork out of it. Reach out for more tips around how to create a subreddit that targets and engages your consumers – we’re happy to help!

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