Keeping costs low is a goal for any brand or business, but for those in the nonprofit sector, it’s paramount to staying afloat. Social listening in such cases is not a luxury – it’s a life preserver. Here’s why, using the International Peace Institute (IPI) as an example.

Reaching the Right People is Critical when Budgets Are Tight

Trial and error sounds like a reasonable approach when you’re a brand starting out, but it’s not a cost effective solution. It’s also not necessary for any organization to go that route, thanks to social listening tools.

For the IPI, reaching the right people on the first try is paramount to spreading vital information about global regions in crisis.

It’s not enough to inform organizations like the United Nations about peacekeeping initiatives in areas like Mali, they need the support of key influencers and the public to share their research reports and shine light on global issues.

Like any brand, targeting the audience that cares most about your messaging matters. Social listening with sentiment analysis lets the IPI identify and speak to exactly the right people to spread their research to those it can benefit.

They also use NetBase to identify which research topics will be of most value to their audience, so their efforts always serve the community they’re targeting. Nothing is random – it’s all precisely targeted based on the data their social analytics tools provide.

Different Objectives Require Different Data

The great thing about broad-spectrum social analytics tools is the flexibility they offer. This is especially helpful when you have multiple goals requiring different data sets.

For instance, the analytics the IPI looks to when crafting and delivering reports often come together over a longer period of time. They regularly follow topics to see how the conversation about peace is unfolding. This type of data informs strategy on events like the International Day of Peace, as well as their research endeavors.

But they also publish daily articles for their current affairs brand, The Global Observatory. For this they need real-time insights to source relevant topics for daily publication. That’s where a tool like NetBase Instant Search shines.

Search-bar simplicity makes finding topics easy and quick – and it also means you can delegate to those who aren’t social data or marketing experts.

Real-time data shows you what’s happening – which may differ from your expectations, especially when dealing with global audiences. If you were to search for the most relevant hashtag following the Charlie Hebdo attack, for example, would you know to search for #JeSuisCharlie instead of something like #ParisAttack?

Following topics and trends in real-time leads you to the most important information according to your audience. That allows you to engage them as a peer versus an outsider.

Spending Smart Is Better than Saving for the Sake of It

The decision to spend money on business tools is complicated – especially if you’re wondering about the value of software you may not entirely understand. This is why we love to share how various organizations use NetBase – so the impact is clear.

The IPI initially used free social listening tools, but soon outgrew them. As with all nonprofit spends, they wanted to be sure the software they chose would do everything they needed and then some.  Their results have validated their choice at every turn. We’re proud to be part of their global peace mission.

For more on the IPI’s specific results, including how they shared their geographic analytics with Snapchat for a shared story, read the full case study here. And reach out if you want a customized demo of our social listening tools.



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