As we celebrate Halloween, let’s take a moment to recognize the monsters hiding in your midst on social. Consumers don’t turn into gremlins overnight – so why are you letting them catch you off guard?

Follow Social Listening Breadcrumbs

Nothing consumers think or feel should be a surprise if you’ve got social listening tools working for you. These tools point to every rustling leaf, every creaking door, every ominous footstep in social’s creepy mansion.

Yes, social listening is great for connecting with consumer on the things they love – but you can’t stop there. If you don’t understand what bothers consumers as well, you’ll be blindsided when it turns out to be you!

Pairing social listening with sentiment analysis tools shows you not just what consumers care about, but how much they care. That’s the information that tells you which corner to round first. You have to take out the social monsters putting your brand in danger before they become too strong to battle.

For an overview, let’s search on “customer service” in NetBase Pro. We’re looking at global English-language posts. Each Attribute under Sentiment Drivers indicates a conversation – whether positive or negative – about customer service:

We’re refined our search to original posts and replies to see which brands stand out with regard to negative posts. There are a few:

If we explored each term, we’d see there are a number of brands mentioned, for a number of reasons. If your brand isn’t in hot water at the moment, this is great competitive intelligence to ward off future boogey-men. Learning from other brands is a huge benefit of social analytics.

And preventative measures are always better than scrambling to recover in the midst of a social attack.

Use social listening to understand the lay of the land and you’ll always be able to spot sudden changes.

Set Social Monitoring Alerts

You don’t want the moment Norman Bates is standing at the shower curtain with a knife to be the first moment you’re aware of trouble. You want to know about each clue as it happens, so you can be smart enough to prevent the entire ordeal.

Social monitoring tools are your brand’s watchdogs. They offer a yip, howl, or growl as certain key terms break through on social. The idea is to avoid the barking frenzy that comes with ignoring the initial warnings. Once Freddy Krueger is in the house, it’s too late, right?

This is something British Rail companies are currently struggling with.

The idea is to determine the alerts that matter to your brand – so when they go off, you can deal with problems while they’re still small.

Invest in Accurate Tools

For this type of reporting to work, however, your tools must deliver accurate results. Lloyd’s Banking Group is one example of a brand that experienced this distinction. They used to take “with a pinch of salt,” because their social sentiment tools weren’t reliably accurate.

In addition, there was a lot of manual sifting needed to assess whether threats they were alerted to were actually legitimate.

Given the speed of social, you definitely don’t have time for that kind of extra work if a threat is real. If it’s gone viral by the time you’ve identified its existence, your tools have failed.

Luckily, switching to NetBase increased their sentiment accuracy by 30%, reducing false alarms, and saving them valuable time previously wasted on manual analysis.

And there are other brands seeing similar results. Starting with social listening to understand topics of concern, UK brand Post Office uses NetBase in conjunction with their customer care tool, Lithium, to spot important customer posts.

This has helped them reduce wait times by identifying busy times at various branch locations, increased campaign effectiveness by 113%, and reduce misinformation spread online by 80%.

Those numbers are anything but scary! (Unless you’re thinking scary good!)

And social media never has to be either. Just eliminate fear of the unknown with state-of-the-art social analytics tools, and you’ll keep the monsters at bay.

Want to learn more about how NetBase can protect your brand’s health? Don’t be afraid to reach out for a customized demo!



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