If you’re reading this blog, chances are the world didn’t end, in your time zone yet anyways.

For years leading up to this very date, December 21, 2012, chatter has been building regarding the possible end of the world.  Thanks to some ancient prophecies and the Mayan Calendar, doomsday-ers and naysayers have been debating the plausibility of the actual event.  You would have to be living under a rock to miss the buzz.  In fact, even that wouldn’t spare you the endless amount of coverage this topic has received.  Most likely today will indeed be the most annoying day on social channels.  Ever.

Lets take a quick look into some stats and sentiment on the topic.  In just the past month “end of the world” mentions have spiked to 3.5 million mentions and over 4.2 billion impressions.   Over two million of those mentions have been just this week.  The topic has clearly hit the annoyance nerve with Net Sentiment being a lowly -2% last month and taking a dive to -9% as of yesterday.   And Mayans are faring even worse, with -14% sentiment.  To benchmark that number, sentiment for Instagram was 12% this week following the uproar of the new terms of service regarding selling photos.

If an apocalypse has to occur, those of the Zombie persuasion are leading the pack for the preferred method.  Sorry Mayans, maybe next time.  Blame The Walking Dead.  Zombies are in this year.   We see many also say they “feel fine”, and obvious reference to the 1987 hit single by R.E.M.  The band must be loving the resurgence of their song “It’s the End of the World As We Know it”.  Leonard Bernstein, mentioned in the song and a popular moment in the lyrics, has 100% net sentiment currently, in case you were wondering.

Whether you are a relieved believer or annoyed disbeliever, or even a Belieber, it’s safe to say the social web will be happy to put the whole “end of the world” matter behind us.  Until the next one, of course.

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