With school holidays and summer vacation approaching, the desire to get out of Dodge is strong. When people head off on travel adventures, where do they go, and what do they love most? Let’s use social analytics to find out!

Chatter Vs. Love

We say this a lot, but it bears repeating that conversation volume doesn’t directly correlate to consumer love. Still, AI-supported sentiment analysis shows there’s some crossover between the most talked-about destination, and the most loved.

Here are the most mentioned vacation destinations overall:

  1. Disney World, US – 29 million
  2. London, England – 3.54 million
  3. Paris, France – 2.84 million
  4. New York City, US – 2.03 million
  5. Grand Canyon, US -1.16 million

How do they compare to the most loved destinations by Social Sentiment and Passion Intensity? See for yourself:

  1. Paris, France
  2. Disney World, US
  3. Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
  4. Macchu Picchu, Peru
  5. Courchevel, France

Paris, France and Disney World, US appear on both lists – though not in the same spot. And though lots of conversations are generated about London, New York, and the Grand Canyon, it’s all about Sunset Beach, Macchu Picchu, and Courchevel when measuring in love.

What is it about these places that inspires travelers’ passions? Understanding it would be helpful to all in the tourism, travel and hospitality industries, wouldn’t it?

Paris – The “Embroidery Capital of Europe”

When we search on “Paris, France” including terms like “vacation,” “travel,” and “holiday” we see quick evidence of the love for this “enchanting city.”

Of course, nothing’s perfect – and exploring what people don’t find enchanting is helpful as well. But we’re focused on the love, and there’s plenty of it.

A blogger and vlogger’s dream, Paris inspires many to share what they love most. From the independent record stores, to the embroidery:

This vlogger claims Paris is the Embroidery Capital of Europe

From food, to architecture, to fashion, Paris has a lot to love.

Disney World, US – “I Love It So Much I Hate It”

Some people’s love for the Florida theme park is undying – literally. Bringing loved ones’ ashes to spread in the park is apparently a thing – but it’s also part of a list of banned activities at Disney. Not to mention a “misdemeanor violation of the state health and safety code to scatter human ashes on private property.”

The biggest Disney fans are regular travelers to the park – because Disney isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. One blogger – who’s been nine times – tried to share everything she hates about Disney World. Spoiler alert: She doesn’t actually hate anything – she LOVES it all.

Love Walt Disney World

That’s some powerful Disney magic.

Disney Sentiment Drivers: Emotions

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii – Salute to the Sun-Set

Whether you’re in it for the surfing or beautiful sunset views, Sunset Beach lives up to its name, capturing the hearts of all who visit. Photographers of all skill levels can’t help but shoot the magnificent colors of the setting sun. Others honor the spectacular beauty in different ways…

Looks like the perfect spot for a yoga retreat. And that’s the beauty of social analytics – making discoveries beyond the obvious.

Machu Picchu, Peru – It’s All About the Inca Trail

There are probably other things worth doing in Peru – but if you’re headed there for the vacation of a lifetime, following the Inca Trail is the one that matters to most travelers.

The only negative Emotions are warnings – slippery conditions during rainy season, issues for those afraid of heights, and waking up the next day with sore muscles.

But the breathtaking scenery is well worth it – and well documented on social. The Cusco City official Instagram smartly “challenges” adventurers to come and climb.

If you’re not fit for the hike, or traveling with small children, for example, you can board the luxurious Belmond Hiram Bingham train and see the trail in (seated) style.

Courchevel, France 

The stunningly beautiful ski town of Courchevel inspires only positive Emotions, as you can see:

The reach-out-and-touch-them views are hard to beat…

But if you want to do it up like a local, follow the 150 Days of Winter vlog, and let “Alex” show you all the best places to ski, eat, and more in Courchevel.

It won’t take more than one virtual trip through the Alps to understand why Courchevel is such a beloved destination – especially for anyone who skis.

Following the Love Is Good Business

It might seem like a strange business metric to track, but consumer love is actually one of the most important. A small but passionate audience is more valuable than a large apathetic one – so be sure you know what drives the devoted segments that align with your brand

If your business is travel, there’s a lot more information worth checking out in our Destination Vacation infographic below. We’ve uncovered the top five beaches, cities, mountain resorts, and tourist destinations – in addition to the most loved destinations overall.

Wherever your brand is located, this is information you can use to ensure you’re part of making travelers feel at home as they make vacation memories. Just follow the love, and they’ll take a piece of you with them when they return home.

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