Top Holiday Purchase Trends Consumers Are Sharing Consumer spending is in full swing, as we count down to gift giving. What are the top holiday purchase trends consumers are sharing? Let’s explore where they’re shopping – and why.

Holiday Promotions & Purchases

Holidays offer brands lots of consumer insight, as shoppers share wishlists and purchases online. Understanding what these folks care about and what drives them to make these decisions allows brands to create personalized and relevant experiences.

Having a deeper understanding allows brands to acquire new customers by:

  • Creating multi-dimensional profiles of target consumers
  • Uncovering interests, activities, and preferences unique to a given audience
  • Discovering current events, trends, and preferences influencing consumer behaviors
  • Identifying competitor customers who are dissatisfied and open to change

Which brands/online destinations are capturing holiday conversation this recently passed Black Friday/Cyber Monday week? We have a number of top contenders:Top holiday purchase trend brands and destinations being mentionedLet’s look at a few in turn, to see the value proposition each offers, how that resonates online – and ways they could potentially enhance their offerings in the coming weeks, as we count down to 2020!

Amazon for Immediate Delivery

Amazon doesn’t seem to require much advertising to drive sales to it, as it’s a hub for many people online – but the ecommerce giant understands this just isn’t true. It markets and remarkets its offerings pretty aggressively online.

But that’s not what brings buyers back for more.

As the place where third-party sales outnumber its own inventory, a focus on fast delivery is a differentiator. Amazon Prime keeps lesser-known competitors at bay. Its adoption rates don’t lie:

Paid Amazon Prime membership stats

Can it be better? With its ‘subscribe and save’ service, Go Stores and fleets of Uber-esque delivery drivers at the ready, it’s hard to find anything Amazon can improve upon this holiday season. It even recently committed to a slew of sustainability goals. Amazon is the leader online for a reason, and the site for all other ecommerce hopefuls to emulate.

Etsy Offers Personalized Pieces for Purchase

Shopping small is always in style online, and Etsy has become a go-to for Mom and Pop shops offering handmade goods for sale. Etsy top hashtags, with handmade toppiing list for purchase trends

It’s a place to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, while supporting small businesses – so the love here is strong. It rates 93% Net Sentiment on a scale that ranges from -100 to 100:

Net Sentiment for Etsy is very high

Where else can you find a stuffed sleeping monster for $3,500, after all? (You’ll need to purchase it unstuffed though – could you imagine shipping this otherwise?):

Stuffed monster from Etsy for 3500Where they can do better: Their commitment to small shops is admirable – and obviously attractive. But there’s always buzz about shops getting shut down unfairly with little recourse. It’s a hard pill for some to swallow, as ‘tis the season for late orders, and a complaint saying as much may spell doom for an unlucky store owner. And there are also scammers to contend with:

Purchase trends include scams this season


Sounds like a “them” problem? A big part of Etsy’s draw is its “shop small” positioning, and this has the potential to throw that commitment off-balance if it swells. And that’s not a good look for them. Monitoring sentiment around this topic will be important, even for an ecommerce giant. Stuffing or no.

An Apple Product Each Day of the Holiday . . .

There are so many products that shoppers are clamoring for this season, and Apple products probably make up at least three on any major “Top Ten” list you’ll find. Macbooks, iphones and Air Pods are hot items, and Apple keeps the momentum moving with gift cards generated per purchase.

And its ongoing commitment to adaptive technology doesn’t hurt either:

Mac offering adaptive options for consumers to purchase

Making it even more enticing: Apple products are all the rage and they often sell-out of new items, so why work to make that wait time even longer? Because a brand’s standing is never a given – even when that brand is Apple.

Sorting out its “genius” in-store wait time would help a ton, as it’s always over-crowded:

Mac genius bar suffers from overcrowding

But the love is strong for Apple overall, so folks seem content enough to wait.

Net Sentiment for Apple is strong this holiday shopping season

eBay is Shoppers’ Everything for Holiday Purchases

eBay gets a bad rap for knock-offs, but it’s a buyer beware site. And it’s home to some amazing auctions, which is what the crowd craves:

Ryan Reynolds auctioning flight jacket for good cause on eBay

Auctioning experience packages, perchance? A big bit of online buzz revolves around “experiences.” And although eBay probably isn’t offering lots to do, it’s the place to accessorize for whatever adventure is afoot, that’s for sure! So, creating bundle offerings, or enticing sellers to do so around travel and other activities could boost sales and benefit all involved.

Its demographic is gender-equal and skews older, so experiences rate high here.

Etsy's demographic offers intel around its audiences' holiday purchase trends

And then those travel bloggers (see below) always need gear, after all. And those planning romantic surprise get-aways this season require underthings apparently . . .

Adobe Harnesses Influencers this Season

Adobes understands that its audience – or one segment, at least, is the struggling creatives crowd.

Adobe creative suite sale for creatives trends high this season

And whether or not it exclusively focused on photographers, that krewe certainly ate it up – and told their friends. Also, Adobe is obviously tuned in to a significant influencer crowd, with plenty of brand ambassadors sharing their excitement online:

Adobe influencers all sharing the same sales message

Leveraging creatives’ creativity: Adobe would do well to offer a variety of message points to its eager influencers. And to insist they use their own, distinct words too share future sales. They’re creatives after all – so whatever ‘in their own words’ messaging they craft is bound to be better than traditional ad copy, and heckuva lot more authentic.

Mastering whatever each of these top shops is offering this season, and beyond, may feel impossible for lesser-known brands – and maybe it is. But what your audience wants from you isn’t more of the same anyway.

Finding your brand’s unique value to consumers is easy as creating a topic in NetBase. And this holiday season, it’s really the best gift you could give yourself to try it out. Reach out and we’ll take you for a free spin to explore the possibilities and unlock your brand’s holiday magic!

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