Helping Forrester navigate the future of food
Harvey Rañola |
 04/15/19 |
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People around the world are weighing in on the future of food—how we produce it, how it gets to our tables, and what happens to it once we’re done. Jennifer Belissent, a principal analyst at Forrester wanted to better understand the volume of global discussion around food from the past year. She used Quid to analyze nearly 3,000 articles on the subject from media outlets around the globe.
Map of 2,943 news articles about the future of food and food sustainability for the last year. Labeled and colored by topic themes.
Turns out that there’s a substantial focus on what happens to food after it has reached our tables. Topics such as food waste and management captured 37% of all discussion around food, followed by food retail and production. Where emphasis is placed, however, depends on the country. In the UK and Canada, for instance, nearly two-thirds of all articles focused on food waste, while production captured nearly all attention (89%) in the Nigerian media. Read the full analysis from Forrester, including a look at coverage from specific countries, here. To learn more about how Quid can help you better understand a topic, reach out at

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