Hear How Top Brands, Agencies and More Use Social Analytics at NetBase LIVE
Carol Feigenbaum |
 09/15/17 |
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Our upcoming NetBase LIVE conference is a can’t-miss event – and not just because you’ll become an expert at using our tools during our All-Star Academy. We’ve got some amazing speakers ready to tell you why social analytics are everything – and how to use them to reap amazing brand dividends.

Check out the line-up for our two locations below.

NetBase LIVE – Los Angeles Oct. 10-11, 2017

Our LA conference will cover a host of topics across 23 different sessions, featuring some of the biggest brands and thought leaders out there. Here’s a bit of what they’ll cover:

Whole-brand applications

Social analytics aren’t all about marketing – they can power every business decision you make. There’s no better way to grasp the benefits of applying these insights to areas like customer service, sales, and product innovation than to hear from brands who’ve done it well. T-Mobile’s session, Discover How T-Mobile Uses Social Data to Inform All Parts of Their Business will be a crash course in getting the most from social data for killer results.

Steer with sentiment

Consumer sentiment is a core element of social analytics – without it there’s no context from which to act on the data gathered. In the session Creating Emotional Connections that Drive Brand Affinity, Hyundai will share how prioritizing sentiment has worked for them – and how it can work for you too.

The customer experience

Creating a meaningful customer experience isn’t limited to your website or in-store interactions. Successes of the Insightful Party Host: Digital and Social Media and the Customer Experience will outline how the University of Southern California brings social media into the customer experience – and why you have to.

Inspired campaigns

When we say consumers are in charge – and they are – it’s actually a good thing. Visa will explain the advantage of taking inspiration from social conversations to create spot-on messaging and campaigns that deliver. Don’t miss Power of the People: Social Conversations that Drive Impactful Creative.

Curate the perfect content

The content you share should have your audience in mind – always. What exactly does that mean, and how do you know you’re getting it right? The social data will tell you, and so will Edelman in the session Audience-First Content Marketing: What it Actually Means, Why it Matters, and How to Leverage it for Your Brand.

And that’s just some of what’s on offer on the West Coast.

NetBase LIVE – New York Oct. 17-18, 2017

Our East Coast conference will offer 26 different sessions detailing the latest research, insights, success stories, and more. Here are just some of the brands you’ll hear from, and the information they’ll share:

Know your audience

If you want to create content your audience can’t help but eat up, you’ve got to know them like they’re your best friends. Arby’s does this skillfully, and they’ll share how in their session Data-driven to Data Validated: How Arby’s and Society Use Social Data to Create Foundational Understanding for Savory Content.

Consumers as your compass

When you have great ideas, or when you need a great idea, you cannot make a decision without consulting consumers – unless you want to waste time and money and likely fail. Conair will talk about how social data informs their decisions in How Conair Uses Consumer Analytics to Drive Intelligent Decision Making.

Put your audience to work

Between user-generated content (UGC), influencers, and brand advocates, you have a lot of options for letting consumers run the show and tell each other how great your brand is. In Lazy and Crazy: The Two Most Important Words in Marketing Today, Harhut & Associates will explain how they put audiences to work for their brands.

Be a winner

Consumers love celebrities – and social media makes them feel even closer to their favorites. iHeart Media will cover how they use this modern attitude to their advantage in Hear How iHeart Media Harnesses the Power of Social for Their Award Shows and Their Artists.

Roll with the changes

The music industry is one example of a business model that has changed drastically since digital technology came into play. UMG Nashville will talk about The Importance of Understanding the Artist’s Audience in the Evolving Music Industry – but all brands will be able to sing along.

There will be a lot more happening over each 2-day event, so we hope you’ll join us and these amazing brand leaders as we head into a new year of social insights and trends. Knowing how to interpret and finesse this data will be what sets your brand apart – so be sure you don’t miss learning from these remarkable brand success stories. We’ll see you then!

Two-day conference passes are still available online. To see the full agenda and additional conference details, visit https://netbasequidlive.com/. Or reach out to ask us more!


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