Happy New Year! While my head is still spinning from a very busy end of 2011, I am thrilled to welcome the New Year and see what this one has in store for us. And it seems that the December 31st installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker wondered the same about 2012 – so turned to social media to see what Facebook and Twitter users were saying about the ball dropping this year. Powered by NetBase, the research found that an overwhelming 70% of the conversation reflected hope for a great New Year – but what I found interesting? The 12% who couldn’t stop tweeting and posting about the Mayans’ prediction of an apocalypse come 2012. Check out some of the other verbatim that didn’t make it to the infographic:

#notgonnalie I’m actually scared for 2012 ..

#2012 Stop thinking About the end of the world…I have the Olympics to get ready for-_-.

the discussion about the world ending in 2012 scares the living organs out of me .

So how did you ring in the New Year? And what do you think about the Mayans? Either way – here’s to a happy and healthy 2012!

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