Good Morning, Google! The Problem-Solving Awesomeness of Social Analytics and Other Technology

Niraj Sharma |
 03/02/18 |
3 min read

Think social analytics are only good for measuring your brand’s popularity? You couldn’t be further off! The capabilities social analytics offer are powerful – as in, “fixing the Internet after India breaks it” powerful – and your brand should definitely be taking advantage of that. Allow me to explain:

India Finds a New Way to Break the Internet

What tools are part of the social analytics arsenal? Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Image Recognition are two state-of-the-art additions making analytics better.

Here’s an example of how Google used these tools to solve a big problem for Indian smartphone users – many of whom are experiencing the power of the internet as if it’s new.

For those of us who’ve used the internet for decades, it’s hard to remember the excitement of being connected for the first time – and the learning curve we wrangled.

As chat rooms and email forwards gave way to messenger apps and retweets, we learned a lot about life online – like how not to be trolls or spam our friends, and to back up files to the Cloud to save space on our devices.

But for many in India, smartphones are their first connected device. The internet is still an amazing novelty, and for older Indians in particular, file storage has been a challenge. Why?

There are a number of reasons, actually, including:

  • Lower model phones with less available storage
  • Older Indians’ habit of doing everything through WhatsApp
  • A cultural phenomenon of regularly sending “good morning” images to family and friends

These activities caused smartphones in India to freeze up constantly, something Google discovered by analyzing the above-mentioned habits of Indian users. With an understanding of the problem, they could now solve it, thanks to AI and image recognition technology.

Google deployed this tech in a new app called Files Go, using their “vast image database and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to help users categorize and erase images they longer need.”

Information Must Come Before Action

What’s this got to do with social analytics? Well, everything. Because you can’t solve a problem, create a new product, run a successful campaign, or anything else without data to inform how you do those things.

Social analytics tools unearth that data and turn it into intelligent insights for your brand to apply. And alongside technology like AI and image recognition, there are a lot of components working together to ensure your insights are as complete and accurate as they can be.

For example, sentiment analysis provides context for the topic data you find. It tells you:

  • Which topics are of greatest interest to your audience
  • Where interests overlap to create feel-alike segments for greater personalization
  • Where to focus the greatest effort on both the positive and negative ends of the spectrum
  • Whether a particular conversation could go viral and impact brand health
  • Which competitors are your biggest threats – or easiest to outdo

And that’s just one feature. A tool like image analysis levels up your sentiment analysis by applying the same context to images.

Want to track your brand’s – or a competitor’s – logo across the web? You can – revealing where they are, what they are doing, and how they feel while using your products. And that’s just for starters.

AI and machine learning technology are taking image analytics to another realm, and soon – by bringing in expression recognition (are people in images smiling, laughing, etc.), object recognition, scene recognition, and more.

These technologies and tools give your brand more precise analytics to draw from as you decide which trends to follow, which influencers to approach, which competitors to track. The more precise your insights, the more predictable your results.

Imagine knowing which campaigns are destined to succeed, or which product innovations to abandon? You don’t have to imagine – just put your social analytics tools to work. They can already tell you – and they’re only going to get better.

How’s that for a good morning!

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