Golden Globes’ Nominees Win Online Love
Kimberly Surico |
 02/25/21 |

Golden Globes' Nominees Win Online Love

Diversity has always been an important topic, and in 2020 it reached a head. And the entertainment industry is taking it seriously. This year they tackled diversity through the Golden Globes Awards, shining a light on women and people of color, while winning consumer love online.


Golden Globes earning overwhelmingly positive posts for 2021. 

We will talk about this and use consumer intelligence to inform us as we go, giving special attention to:

  • Why diversity is a must have
  • Consumers showing love and support for the Best Director nominees
  • The entertainment industry goes all-in for diversity

And it’s important to note that:


Diversity Isn’t an Option

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly critical to any brand or industry wanting to win over consumers, especially if they are a part of the diversity conversation. When you factor in:

  • Sixty-one percent of American consumers want diversity in advertising.
  • 38% of consumers are more likely to trust companies who include diversity in their ads
  • 52% of women and 54% of men believe cultural inclusivity is important

…it’s a no brainer. Diversity is a part of the larger marketing conversation no matter the industry.

Before we delve into diversity in the entertainment world, let’s look at the larger picture. Using market intelligence we can explore diversity as a topic to illustrate how far-reaching it is. It weaves its way through everyday segments such as Workplace Inclusivity, Improving Diversity in Schools, and even Health Equity.


And then we also see its mark in High Fashion as well as electing Chief Diversity Officers. Exploring these clusters brings home how poignant this conversation is, and no segment is left untouched, including Hollywood. Searching by keywords allowed us to identify these posts among many others like them:


It’s safe to say that the entertainment industry may have a bullseye on its back as they have the influence and power to represent diverse groups on a larger and very visible scale. And they seem to be directing a good bit of focus toward this effort.

Golden Globe Best Director Nominees

In 2020, 18.4 million viewers tuned in to watch the Golden Globes. This year, the famed award show is using its influence and powers of good by being more inclusive.

In 2009 90% of America’s mainstream movies were directed by men. Fast forward to 2021 and 60% of the directors nominated for Golden Globe awards are women. This change of heart may have something to do with the backlash they received in 2018 when not a single nominee was a female.

This year will not be a repeat of 2018. In fact, three female directors were nominated in the Best Directors category. And considering there’s only been 8 in the history of the Golden Globes, including these three – this is a big step. Social media listening shows how well received this announcement has been with 100% sentiment:


And Emerald Fennel, Director of Promising Young Woman, has more reasons to smile, because not only is she nominated as Best Director, but she’s seeing nominations in other categories as well:


And it’s not just gender recognition on the line in this awards show, but ethnicity too.

After women were completely shut out last year, Zhao is the first Asian woman to be nominated in the category; and King is only the second Black woman. If either woman were to win, it would be the first ever Golden Globe awarded to a woman of color, as sociologist Nancy Wang Yuan points out:


Without the proper social listening tool, brands would miss these positive posts. And they could miss the negative ones too. Though our consumer intelligence revealed mostly positive sentiment surrounding the golden globes, negative sentiments are present as well. And these are critical to explore. As an example, clicking on the word trash brings us to this post that raises concerns over Sia’s directorial debut Music:


With 6,680 engagements and potential impressions in the millions, this is critical to monitor and address, as news travels fast.

Though the Golden Globes have made some good strides towards inclusiveness and recognizing diversity, this post would indicate they may have some adjusting to do toward the differently abled. Which leads us into how the entertainment industry is spearheading these issues.

Entertainment Industry Leading or Following?

2020 was the best year for the inclusion and diversity in entertainment, with 41% of lead roles going to women and 26% to minorities. Can we expect the same in 2021? And what effort is the entertainment industry making to ensure an equal share of voice?

Market intelligence opens the door to a million and one conversations happening in the U.S. around diversity and inclusion in the entertainment space.


Currently, Actors Calling for Diversity takes up the largest segment of conversation and is the most consistent throughout the past three years. Speaking to consistency, in a category all to itself, we see a spike in February 2018 tracking Frances McDermott’s call for Inclusion Riders in her acceptance speech at the Oscars. This is essentially a diversity clause to hold companies accountable. And as we travel along the time continuum, we see diversity gaining momentum.

Amazon Studios, CBS and many more are earning mentions in the space:


And we can explore to see what is being said specifically by clicking on the nodes above:


And this is something more companies need to start paying attention to – both diversity and tracking the efficacy of their efforts. Because ultimately, whether you’re in entertainment, insurance or selling staplers, understanding your consumers through consumer insights is step one in marketing – and seeing if that understanding earns the result you expect is next.

Reach out for a demo and let us help you become the star of your own category – and keep that consumer sentiment trending in the right direction.


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