Glossiers $100M Beauty Biz Built from Savvy Social MarketingBeauty brands take note: Glossier’s $100M beauty biz was made possible, in large part, by some savvy social media marketing and online listening. And we’re going to show you how that looks and ways you can do the same!

Before we explore how they’re doing it, let’s take a look at who, as having the right team is essential when looking to expand a brand!

Team Glossier is Packed with eCommerce Pros

Ramping up to conquer the world, following on the heels of a recent influx of $100M in funding and its $1.2B valuation, Glossier has secured a star lineup for its operations.

“2019 has been a big year for Glossier to build its bench of top leaders. It hired Vanessa Wittman as CFO, from Dropbox. Edith Chen was named vice president of supply chain operations. Chen came from beauty industry supplier LF Beauty. And it brought on Nick DeAngelo as vice president of operations . . . [and] Diane Vavrasek as chief people officer, both from and Walmart e-commerce globally.”

Most recently, it has wooed away Amazon’s own Melissa Earner. She’s an executive who’s been with the eCommerce giant since its early days. Earner will be Glossier’s COO, “overseeing the growth-driving parts of the business.”

“When I connected with Emily, I was immediately struck … by the [Glossier] customer obsession,” Eamer said in an interview. “That’s something that has been really consistent with Amazon when I was there.”

And that consistent commitment to consumer experience – its “customer obsession” is precisely what has propelled the brand to its astronomical proportions. And in such a relatively short amount of time (it launched online in 2014). Its most recent personnel acquisition, Melissa Earner, is set to help it follow in Amazon’s footsteps in more ways than one. Glossier plans to make a move toward more of a brick and mortar expansion.

How have they captured so many consumers to be this popular? Expert online audience understanding. It helps them create in-store frenzies, with shoppers lining up outside to get into their shops.

Let’s see what the sentiment analysis tells us about Glossier’s efforts to date, and how other brands can follow suit.

Glossier’s Social Media Marketing Story

Glossiers social media marketing sentiment

The sentiment around Glossier is overwhelmingly positive. They could spend all day looking through what’s working – and why, and doing more of that. Or, if they were concerned and wanting to see what the “top scam” sentiment was about, they can do that too! In NetBase, brands can track back the source of a sentiment – or a trend – very easily. The insight is super transparent.

The “top scam” mentions are few and far between and appear to be nothing to be concerned about:

negative mentions that could affect Glossiers social marketing strategy

But, if they had been, having the ability to dig in and investigate a particular person’s digital footprint and what may be motivating them to post negatively about a brand is certainly helpful. We offer pre-made dashboards to help brands not only track influencers, but known detractors. It comes in handy daily for many companies:

Ability to track influencers and known detractors in NetBase

And then seeing which posts are resonating, and with whom, offers insight that can inform future product ideas too:

Analyzing authors in NetBase

But what about the products themselves? It’s important to capture all the things, of course.

Understanding All The Social Media Marketing Things

Likewise, when exploring “things” associated with the brand mentions, Glossier could see which products are resonating – and why. Here, we see lots of exceptional intel to inform product placement (or future development) choices:

sentiment drivers to inform Glossiers product ideation or social marketing strategy

Clicking over to Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine, we see a review of their “all-time favorite Glossier products.” And this influential website is apparently not publishing this piece as a sponsored review, as there’s no disclosure saying as much, so this Webazine could offer targeted collaboration potential as part of its social media marketing strategy. Glossier may want to advertise there, depending on the site’s traffic and targeted engagement – which could be sorted out with partnered social listening.

tracking partnered social channels using NetBase

It’s always great to partner with product fans, as they show much more enthusiasm than general category influencers that area forcing it.

And exploring “Popular Media” we can see lots of valuable intel for any brand.

Popular Media Offers Valuable Social Media Marketing Intel

Exploring popular media to track whats trending on social media around Glossier

There’s a reporter, who does not endorse products as a rule, but made a mention of the brand. If part of Glossier’s vision includes being viewed as a culturally aware organization (and it’s certainly a great goal regardless), capitalizing on these conversations as part of its social media marketing wouldn’t hurt.

Well known reporter tweeting about Glossiers targeted advertising

They can also find influencers sharing product reviews on the popular media view, like this Pint Sized Beauty blog, which has an established, engaged presence online:

Beauty biz blog with engaged following

Glossier could connect with Lily and capture all that influential goodness to get the word out to even more of the glamour sites’ target audience, if they thought she was a good match based on criteria they’d define and have as part of their influencer search.

They likely already are connecting with her though, or have her on their list of future influencers to explore or reach out to, as their social media marketing game is strong. A quick peek at Glossier’s Instagram account confirms this!

Instagram Access is Game-changer for Beauty Brands

Glossiers Instagram a huge asset to its social media marketing efforts

How does the beauty brand do it? Attracting 2.3 million exceptionally engaged fans can’t be easy . . . or can it? It’s all about consumer understanding. Not only what they seek to buy, but also the:

  • lifestyle they want
  • self-image they seek to project and want a brand to help them enhance in some way
  • ways they talk about things, and what feels natural to them

Glossier has that locked down:

Glossier demonstrating consumer understanding with posts that speak to audience in its own language

And as if those 2.3 million exceptionally engaged fans isn’t enough (and only showing its marketing prowess on one platform regardless), there are also fan-based accounts with amazing interaction as well, like @GlossierBoyfriends. This shares funny photos of guys waiting around while their significant others shop at Glossier’s brick and mortar stores.

Could they create something for these folks, like a boyfriend slumber party at the store? Perhaps. We’d be happy to help them sort out other influential boyfriends to invite, passed on their (or their “other’s” online juice . . .

Glossier boyfriends feed the brands savvy social media marketing

But that’s the only sleeping side one would catch wind of at Glossier, no doubt. This brand is all about firing ally cylinders all the time. It’s done a great job of monitoring and understanding its audience. Adding the ability to capture Next Generation AI-powered social analytics – like automated theme discovery, would propel them through this next in-store phase like a rocket.

Theme discovery options Next Gen AI offers cosmetics brands

The insight available is seriously that powerful. Reach out and we’ll show you how it looks in action!

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