NetBase Quid® Global Website Launch: Your New Consumer & Market Intelligence Hub!

Carol Feigenbaum |
 09/14/20 |
3 min read

NetBase Quid Global Website Launch: Your New Consumer & Market Intelligence Hub!NetBase Quid has gone through a major transformation, and today you’ll find it reflected in our new website, new logo and new ways to access consumer and market intelligence resources. We have so much to tell you about this redesigned site, so let’s dive in!

New Logo, New Look, New Commitment

When NetBase Quid merged in January of this year, our initial logo was a temporary melding of two different formats, fonts and styles. Though eye-catching, it was a work in progress. and did not fully represent us as one company:


Customers do not have time, nor should they be forced to sort out, which place to connect with for which solution and so on. And as a company that prides itself as innovating first at every turn, to meet the needs of our customers and the broader market, it was very important to us to develop a united front in all ways. And what way is more important (and more demonstrative of our commitment to customers’ ease of use) than working diligently to develop cohesive branding and reorganized combined resources?

The new logo, designed in-house by Doug Magill, completes the merger, presenting us as a single company, with a single name. It articulates the connection of data through dots and lines that flow between the two names. And the aesthetic amplifies the connected nature of each, while also representing a reference to our network:


“Our company reveals real-time data-driven insight for customers and the new logo speaks to that,” said Paige Leidig, NetBase Quid CMO. “It captures our transformation from two, equally valuable sides of the consumer and market intelligence coin, to one increasingly cohesive offering. And the overall website redesign follows that, with a logical, actionable flow that makes finding answers as immediate and helpful as our analyses.”

The logo was created in tandem with our teams’ reimagining how the site should be laid out. We wanted to make it the most useful problem-solving hub for the thousands of brands and agencies that visit us every day to solve their consumer and market data analytics dilemmas.

Solving Your Data Analytics Dilemmas

Our primary focus when redesigning the site was on how brands and agencies use it. We know they visit us here for a variety of reasons:

So, our redesign offers a clean, quickly navigable set of options that greet visitors:


Return visitors will note that our menu options have changed once you click around. Most notably, under the Applications tab, users are greeted with a delightful array of NetBase Quid offerings, sure to entice folks to request a demo:


Under “Solutions,” we share Use Cases and Industry-specific intel that will offer immediate guidance based on whatever pressing need you face, or whichever industry you inhabit (or are considering targeting for new business!):


And then our Resources tab offers more than 550 pieces of guidance, demonstrating best practices with consumer and market intelligence in action spanning every Use Case and Industry previously mentioned. This also includes trending subcategories, like eSports and Gaming, 5G considerations, How to Measure ROI, the State of Social, CX Reports, and a variety of super timely pieces around COVID-19, with reopening indicators that leading brands are watching for (and that you should be too!).

Also, we know our audience is global – and we’ve accounted for that as well.

Localized for Global Brands & Agencies

With substantial daily traffic from industry experts worldwide, localization was a top priority to ensure maximum accessibility. As such, you’ll find a dropdown with language options to support English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese and Arabic visitors:


And these translations apply to our product pages as well:


We know our clients rely on us for real-time analytics to inform their daily strategic decision-making, and they also require immediate access to resources on our site to answer questions just as quickly. This redesign should accomplish that goal, and we look forward to your feedback around it!

We’re excited to move forward – and the energy is contagious, as we have lots of demos lined up in the coming weeks. We’re taking brands and agencies on tours of everything new and amazing that is just waiting to explored under the NetBase Quid hood.

Would you like one as well? We can demo our recently released Quid Social and NetBase News or share how our consumer and market intelligence capabilities make short work of an amazing array of use cases. When you’re ready to get into the driver’s seat and see everything next generation AI-powered analytics can do for you, reach out!

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