Quid Social Global Language & Consumer Insight Capabilities

Kimberly Surico |
 02/24/21 |
4 min read

Quid Social Global Language & Consumer Insight Capabilities

Having multiple ways to approach and analyze consumer insight is increasingly important in our data intensive age, and that often means it is increasingly complicated too. Fortunately, we’re keeping you several steps ahead of analysis paralysis by offering access to immediately actionable intel that’s intuitive and transparent. And our team is ready to walk you through any learning curve as well.

Let’s explore our latest innovation and a quick overview of the many use cases Quid Social offers leading companies.

Quid Social’s Global Language Support

Global language support for Quid Social enables you to analyze NetBase topics and saved analyses containing posts authored in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. This means Quid Social’s AI-powered, short text-optimized clustering technology can now create a visualized network displaying the top trends, themes, and conversations in social media data across global language authors.

Expanded language support offers several benefits:

  • Identify quality feedback and opportunities for growth from regional customers and markets.
  • Analyze language-specific clusters to discover themes and trends specific to a particular community or region.
  • Extract sentiment and other metadata from global language posts to deepen your understanding of demographics around the world.

When uploading a NetBase topic or saved analysis in Quid Social, use the new language drop-down menu to select the desired language.


Seeking to analyze multiple languages? Create separate visualizations for each! And after visualizing the topic or saved analysis, the resulting Quid Social network displays cluster labels, descriptions, and summaries in the selected language. From here, you can further explore and analyze your social data with extracted entities like people, organizations, locations, and document-level sentiment.


Extracting entities like people, organizations, locations, and document-level sentiment using Quid Social

Beyond that, brands can use Quid Social to inform strategic efforts around a range  of use cases, including:

Quid Social for Influencer Marketing


With the unlimited ways in which people can talk and connect with each other online, it is critical to know not just where people are talking, but who is talking. Quid Social helps brands identify influencers in these conversations, and you can then put them to work for you.

Quid Social for Crisis Management


Quid Social offers crisis management must-haves for brands, with a focus on understanding category and consumer sentiment; knowing how and where a crisis starts; and creating messaging to get ahead of and shape the narrative.

Quid Social for Competitive Intelligence


Having a large dataset of social conversations and the ability to slice and dice the data to get to the root of trends or brand shortcomings is indispensable in today’s business landscape. And so is accurately understanding share of voice in a noisy online world.

Quid Social for Voice of the Customer


With so much online chatter, it can be a daunting task to get to the insights that matter. Quid Social captures the voice of the customer by way of the consumer journey, and offers insight that informs consumer care and consumer acquisition.

Quid Social for Product Launches


Merging market research with social media listening helps brands move confidently – maximizing their time and dollar and ensuring a successful product launch. Quid Social can tell brands about products and services consumers want; minimize product launch risks; and pinpoint consumer needs with exceedingly accurate results.

Quid Social for Campaign Strategy

A timeline of conversation can show trending topics and sentiments around Renault over the past year – making it possible for this company to view how their various campaigns or projects are historically received:


Campaign strategy success hinges on an informed consumer and market understanding and the ability to pivot in real-time when things need to shift. Beyond creating benchmarks to measure against, Quid Social helps brands understand which websites and social platforms potential clients are using for targeting purposes and tracks your company’s efforts for future success.

Quid Social for Emerging Trends

Popeyes is pretty much always in the news. It has some amazing marketing and knows how to generate buzz. But, what are consumers talking about in real-time? That’s important to understand. In August, we see lots of conversation focused on its release of the much anticipated chicken sandwich is “worth the hype:”


Consumer trends shift rapidly. Quid Social identifies the main drivers of conversation and helps brands understand how certain target audiences are talking about a topic or issue. Even more importantly, brands use Quid Social to make rapid, game changing decisions around whether or not an emerging trend is something to monitor – or act on immediately.

Quid Social for Brand Health

Understanding consumer concerns is key to crafting the correct marketing/responses to them. Because 89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that pay attention and not only share, but recognize, their values. And right now, there is no greater value in consumers’ minds than safety.


Quid Social delivers visual insights into how numerous media narratives relate to one another. It monitors the rise and fall over time of any given subject that resonates with target consumers and learns how consumers perceive your brand at any moment in time, which is key to maintaining brand health. Leading brands use Quid Social to monitor consumer responses to current issues to connect authentically.

Customers can find more internal resources to support these efforts (and more) when they login and explore our resource center materials. Or, you can reach out for a demo and we’re happy to show you how to use any of these capabilities in a way that’s specific to your brand’s needs!

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