Announcing Global Language Support in NetBase News!

Niraj Sharma |
 01/04/21 |
4 min read

NetBase Quid is excited to announce our significantly expanded global language support in NetBase News! We’re offering best-in-class capabilities for brands that want to track news and social in a single platform. The LexisNexis premium news feed is ready to integrate with your existing NetBase subscription and track 21x more news sources. And there’s so much more to it than that. Let’s dive in!

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Languages of the World

Let’s start with the languages themselves. With premium LexisNexis® News data, customers have access to more than 100k news media sources from 226 countries. And with corresponding content authored in so many global (non-English) languages, expanded language support was a must. So, we now support 96 languages, including English.

This means global language LexisNexis news data will be available in all NetBase analysis widgets, providing new, global insight opportunities for your brand – opportunities we’ll detail in a moment! But first, where to use this premium option within the NetBase product:

  • The Domains widget will identify the top domains where global language news about your brand is originating.
  • View the Languages widget to see which languages have the most posts for your topic.
  • Analyze the Word Cloud to discover important terms, #hashtags, people, or things relevant to your brand on a global scale.
  • And then a Popular Posts analysis of an All Languages topic with LexisNexis news enabled allows you to narrow the focus of the analysis based on whichever languages you select.

And let’s look at those sources available to you now . . .

Expanded News Media Coverage


This expanded, high quality news media coverage with LexisNexis provides access to more than 3M global news articles published every 24-hours. This is an increase of almost 200% and combines with more than a billion indexed news articles and NetBase Quid’s proprietary artificial intelligence, so the combination is powerful. It reduces your time to insight exponentially.

Access includes online news content, full text articles, and stories hidden behind paywalls, giving you more coverage than ever before. This ensures the highest story/mention count for your brand.

Advanced filters and flexible reporting deliver visibility across the entire company without the need to jump between multiple products to pull all your data together. And the breadth and sophistication of the analytics in the NetBase product enables users to slice and dice data by a range of metrics and filters, including sentiment.

With it, brands can now consolidate fragmented media monitoring into a single platform for faster, smarter decision making for their most critical business decisions. Accessing over 100K news media sources and over 22M blogs via the Lexis Nexis news feed will offer the deepest media and market intelligence, including access to notable sources around the globe, such as Le Figaro (France), Die Welt (Germany), and Nikkei Net (Japan).

With such robust source material, the use cases for deriving actionable insight, fast, are equally impressive . . . 

NetBase News Category-defining Use Cases

Analyzing news media coverage and social media engagement side by side in the same product offers real-time consumer and market intelligence. NetBase Quid’s language support, NLP and historical data combined with the global Lexis Nexis news feed make NetBase best-in-class for complete, accurate and transparent insight.

Customers also love our dashboards – and we have six new pre-configured dashboards optimized for news monitoring and advanced filtering, dashboarding, alerting, reporting to track potential impressions and reach. Brands can quickly and accurately gather insight around:

  • News Monitoring – Basic
  • Competitive News Analysis
  • News Monitoring – Advanced
  • Key Opinion Leaders
  • News vs. Social
  • Statement Performance & Impact



And can apply advanced Boolean filters on topics, analysis, and themes to fully leverage news media, including:

  • source category (ex. national and international, local)
  • genre (ex. press release, interview)
  • quality (ex. top tier, mid-tier and niche publications)

And additional filters for entities, topic groups (ex. lifestyle), and subjects (ex. fashion).


The flexible reporting empowers the entire company and smashes information siloes, offering faster time to insight to understand so much, including:

  • the tie-in between news and social, to see what is truly resonating where – and why
  • correlations between news articles and their impact on brand sentiment, which can be sorted by source
  • how product launches are being received in top tier news publications, among others, aiding in future targeting efforts
  • your brand’s share of voice compared to the rest of your global market
  • how your brand is performing over time, benchmarked against past quarters
  • which global trends may be working for you, and which may be working against you
  • and new ways to monitor for potential crisis across news and social – all in one platform

This is nothing less than unprecedented real-time visibility into your brand, your competition and your market. The coverage and quality of LexisNexis news media data combined with existing NetBase social media analytics definitely gives your brand a competitive edge. With it, you can be confident that you won’t miss a story, trend, or insight.

For example, if something about your brand or market goes viral on Reddit – does it get picked up in the news? Who picks it up and what sort of impact does that news have on consumers? Now you’ll know. And that’s just a small bit of intel available to you.

The use cases are extensive – and game changing. And we’d love to show you more! Please reach out to learn more about the many ways to leverage the full flexibility and power of analytics available to you, thanks to this significant expansion. We’re happy to create a demo specifically for you.

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