Brands around the world are struggling to entice an increasingly depressed populace and may not be feeling lots of love right now. But, even in these lonely pandemic times, there are ways to shine through and generate good feelings. And we have a whole report full of brands using social listening to do precisely that in our latest NetBase Quid Brand Passion Report: Top Global Brands 2020 – and you can too!

global social media love list

Expanded Results for Social Mood & Market Intelligence Insight

Our yearly love lists are always a must read, and this time around we’ve significantly expanded its coverage capabilities. We’ve made it even more important to brands’ strategic planning as they round out 2020.

With insight from sources web-wide, including social media analysis of social channels, blogs, forums, microblogs, news, comment data, review sites and more, NetBase has the most complete and accurate insight available. This report includes consumer insights from 200+ countries, including 410M+ million posts of earned mentions. And it’s based on 12 months of data, from July 1, 2019 to July 1, 2020, spanning a wide variety of industries:


But that’s far from all of it.

In this year’s report, we’re adding even more, with expanded social listening results around Social Mood and Market Intelligence. We’ll briefly introduce you to each in turn here, and then get to that report to see them in action!

Social Listening for Social Mood

Our new Social Mood analysis is powered by next generation AI technology. It delivers social media analysis and insights for up to 16 emotions in your brand conversations.


Social mood offers exceptional social media analysis and opportunities for brand planning, including:

  • Capturing nuanced emotions within the context of brand conversations
  • Classifying emotions that do not fit squarely within the definition of positive or negative
  • Measuring moods emerging from your brand vs. across all social conversations

Because, as we know (and elaborate on further in the report) one cannot measure brand love by simply counting mentions or impressions. We’ll connect back to that in a moment. But now, it’s important to highlight another key insight expansion you’ll find in this report: news media monitoring. Because, understanding every driver of emotion as we examine consumer behavior is key, of course. And a big driver, particularly of late, is the news.

global social media love list

Market Intelligence for News Media Monitoring

Our Quid market intelligence product is a crucial and game changing addition to brands’ social listening capabilities. Market intelligence identifies dominant and emerging trends in the news media and helps brands view consumer intelligence through another super relevant lens. It offers:

  • Unique network visualizations that highlight dominant and emerging trends in a brand or market analysis
  • Semantically grouped clusters that show the size and relevance of adjacent themes central to the brand conversation

As we can see in this market intelligence screen capture about Amazon, there are many conversational clusters to explore. And in NetBase Quid, there are so many ways to dig in to this data:


But let’s connect back to the gist of this report. That key insight that social mood and market intelligence helps bring into sharper focus – capturing and understanding consumer love.

What’s Love Got to do With Brand Marketing?

As we explore in the report, there is a big difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’—not to mention sarcastic love or hate. And gentle mocking is nowhere near as alarming as contempt.

In our love list, we’ve measured the strongest emotions shared about brands. And it should leave you asking a few questions about your own brand marketing, such as:

  • How strongly do your customers really feel about your brand?
  • Have you managed to create consumer passion your competitors would envy?
  • Have you cultivated strong customer relationships to set a foundation for future brand growth?

These are important questions to answer, as most consumer purchases are won on emotion. The more passion for the brand, the less the consumer relies on price as the deciding factor. All of your strategic planning should revolve around love. Is it?

This “Love List” is a close look at the brands consumers express the most love for on social media. It details how top brands are doing this, with actual insight captured and explained to help you understand the insight behind the love.

Smart marketers getting the most from social are paying particular attention to these passions and are using them to drive intelligent brand decision-making. Download the NetBase Quid Brand Passion Report: Top Global Brands 2020 to see what they know that you don’t. And then reach out for a demo, so we can show you how to capture consumer love for your brand too!

global social media love list

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