Getting Your Social Analytics Game in Shape for 2022
Carol Feigenbaum |
 03/21/22 |
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Getting social media in shape for 2022

As the first quarter of 2022 hurtles along, this is a good time to gear up for greater accomplishments in the coming months. Let’s get your social analytics game in shape to win in 2022!

Many brands have forgotten the importance of social analytics to business. This is partly because there is a lot of noise to get through for anyone looking to derive meaningful insights from social. However, this is one area where any brand serious about success cannot afford to cut corners.

ultimate how to guide for social and media analytics

Social Analytics & Consumer Love

Consumers love social media. It is a convenient way to connect with each other, share, and discover. Never has this been more evident than during the past two years when the primary means of communication has been digital. This means there is a ton of actionable intel out there for brands to use for their marketing campaigns. But it is not served up on a silver platter – it never comes ready to use.

Social analytics is how you find this intel and make sense of it. That said, you have to keep pace with changing consumer behavior, advances in technology, and also legal requirements and regulations. In this post, we are going to share a checklist of things you should do to get your social analytics game in shape to win, but first, let’s review some of the research that has been going on in this area:

  • According to a report by GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social media users research products online.
  • In a study conducted by Buffer, 73% of marketers described their social media marketing efforts as “very effective” or “somewhat effective” for their business.
  • HubSpot found out that more than 50% of marketers plan to increase their marketing investment on Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube this year.

Look Back to Look Forward

If you haven’t performed a social media audit for the first quarter of 2022, now is the time to get to it. In fact, look as far back as the last time you did so to see the trends and trajectory that brought you to this point.

This data will not only help you understand what has changed over the time, but also set you up for the following few months.

In conducting a social media audit, you want to find out:

  • Where your target audience is as well as how you’re faring on the channels that you use.
  • Social sentiment around your brand, and what is driving it.
  • Your current competition and how you stand up to it.

That’s just a start, but on a different post we go deeper on how to perform a social media audit.

Assess Your Present Status

The past can be very informative, but social media audit is only periodic. It will not suffice to show you your current position at all times. For this you need a social listening tool to provide real-time information on what is happening.

Savvy agencies use real-time social data for planning on a daily basis. The insights gathered help them understand not just what their audience loves but even changing moods. Then they can create appealing content in the moment and share it just as quickly. With real-time social listening, they measure results as the feedback is generated.

This is a great habit to establish for 2022. Perform a social media audit today, you may be surprised by what you find out. But don’t stop there: Set up ongoing tracking of your online presence and get in the habit of taking action on what it reveals.

Upgrade Your Social Analytics Toolkit

Just as social media has come a long way, so have the tools used by marketers. For instance, it used to be enough to measure actions such as post likes and shares; until sentiment analysis started revealing deeper insight into consumers.

Image analysis is another new technology that has become available to the relief of marketers. With more than 50 billion photos on Instagram alone, there is a lot to lose if your toolkit doesn’t make it possible for you. Consumers don’t always mention brands when they are promoting them, because to them it’s only an experience to be shared with others, not necessarily to promote a business. With image analysis, you can find those inadvertent shout-outs and take appropriate action.

Take the tweet below, for example – this popular influencer, comedian and rollerblader is apparently a Heelys fan. But the brand won’t know it unless it is capturing image analytics, as the brand itself is not mentioned anywhere. We found this potentially powerful brand shout-out with image analytics – how are you finding yours?


Note that image analysis can also find out who is throwing shade (detractors, unsatisfied customers, etc.) so you can respond. In riskier scenarios, it can help in averting a potential crisis.

Without an advanced social analytics toolkit, you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. It’s just not a very effective way to run a business.

Prioritize Customer Analytics

Customer analytics matter so much to any business. Ultimately, they offer a better understanding of your existing customers so you can keep them. This includes:

  • Customer journey – the path. Analytics will tell you the route that customers are taking during the purchase process so you can remove any hurdles.
  • Customer experience – the emotion. Find data that reveals how customers feel when they are purchasing from you to improve their experience.
  • Engagement and interaction. This includes improving communication channels, initiating conversation, as well as providing the information they require to make buying decisions.
  • Customer retention – the loyalty. Measuring customer retention can help you keep your existing customers for longer by finding out what increases this likelihood.
  • Customer voice – the opinion. This goes beyond the feedback that customers give directly to you and includes what they say to other consumers on social media.

Set Social Monitoring Alerts

Social monitoring requires being on alert about everything that impacts your brand on social media including mentions and direct messages. It is a part of the wider social intelligence process which finds and interprets social media conversations about your market.

One important reason to set up social monitoring alerts is that you ensure prompt response to your users’ messages. Research has shown that the faster you respond to consumers, the higher your chances of converting them into customers. What’s more, your own customers expect a quick response.


Further, without constant monitoring, your brand health is vulnerable. Specifically, you need to closely monitor activity surrounding your brand on social media. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid a social crisis, don’t assume that it can never happen to you. Use social monitoring tools that can alert you of any troublesome events such as negative mentions and spikes in sentiment.

Integrate Your Data Sources

Social analytics is multi-faceted. Data integration ensures you don’t miss out on important information and, importantly – that your analysis is based on all available data. Many brands have plenty of unstructured social analytics data, but it is usually so disorganized that it lacks meaning and consequently, any use for the business. If integrated properly, this data can begin to make sense.

And if your brand is being discussed today on Twitter and you don’t find out about that conversation today, you might miss important opportunities to engage whether the conversation is good or bad. This means data has to be collected close to the source where it’s in the rawest form – and quickly.

Brands need to ensure that everything and everyone are on the same page (or dashboard). NetBase Quid® uses the Intelligence Connector to bring all your data together and make the world make sense. But note that data integration is also about the company mindset. Companies that habitually turn to data during decision-making are more likely to embrace an Intelligence Connector as a necessity. So, start building that mindset into your organization today.

Forewarned is forearmed and, when it comes to social media marketing, ignorance is not bliss. Set yourself up now while you have time to implement strategies for 2022. Remember, with NetBase Quid®, you can instantly raise your social analytics game using advanced AI-powered technology that points out the opportunities and lights up your blind spots. Be sure to reach out for a demo today and we can show you precisely what we mean.

ultimate how to guide for social and media analytics

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