The start of a new calendar year is always a great time to put new ideas in motion. For brands, it’s also a new quarter, and a time to gear up for new goals and campaigns coming in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Here’s a social analytics checklist to get you ready for a bold, successful 2019.

Look Back to Look Forward

If have haven’t performed a social media audit for the third quarter of 2018, now is the time to get to it. In fact, you can look back at the entire year if you like, to see the trends and trajectory that brought you to this point.

Not only will this data help you understand how to end your fourth quarter strong, it will set you up for the new year as well.

Things you’re assessing include:

  • Which social channels your audience is on, as well as how you’re faring on the channels you use
  • Social sentiment surrounding your brand, and what’s driving it
  • How you stand up against competitors

That’s just a start, but we talk more about how to perform a social media audit here.

Assess Your Present Status

The past is certainly informative, but what a social media audit doesn’t provide is where you stand currently. For this you need real-time social media analytics tools with sentiment analysis capabilities, and you should be in the habit of consulting them.

Agencies like Moxie (Chick-fil-A) use real-time social data daily to plot the course of their day. Armed with social insights about their audience and what they love, they create content in the moment and push it live within a few hours. The results are just as instantaneous.

This is a great habit to establish for 2019. Give it a test run now and make daily real-time analysis one of your New Year’s resolutions. Use your next social media audit to track your progress. We bet the difference will astound you.

Invest in Upgraded Social Analytics Tools

Just as social media has come a long way, so have the tools used to analyze it. If your tools don’t measure social sentiment, you’re operating at a disadvantage. Sentiment is the driving force behind social consumers’ sharing – and it’s your window into their conversations.

Without it you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. Not a very accurate way to run your business.

Additionally, new technology like image analysis is now available – and crucial to ensuring your social data is comprehensive. With more than 100 million photos and videos uploaded daily to Instagram alone, you can’t afford to discount the insights you’ll miss without image analytics.

Lucky is the brand that finds itself surprisingly promoted by People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Idris Elba – in this case, the Boston Red Sox

Be sure your tools are capable of everything possible. Like spotting your team’s logo on the hat of Idris Elba – even when your brand isn’t mentioned in the accompanying text.

Focus on Your Customer Experience – and Analytics

As the customer experience takes center stage – a trend that’s set to continue indefinitely – customer experience analytics become a new focus for brands. This means bringing all your data together into one place, for a full picture of the voice of the customer.

Do this by looking beyond obvious social channels, using analytics to find the channels you’ve never considered, but also by bringing other online channels, and even non-social data like sales data, star ratings, surveys, and net promoter scores, into one central hub for analysis.

If your current social analytics tools don’t support this type of integration, find some that do.

Set Social Monitoring Alerts

Part of ensuring brand health is being proactive. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid a social crisis, don’t assume this will always be the case. Use social monitoring to be alerted to troublesome keywords and spikes in negative sentiment.

Forewarned is forearmed, and ignorance is not bliss on social.

Taking the time to set yourself up now means you can hit the ground running as 2019 hits. While other brands are regrouping after the holiday season, you’ll be well into planning for all the rest of winter has to offer – from the Super Bowl, to awards shows, to whatever trends pop up in between.

What a way to ring in 2019!

Reach out and we’ll help get your plan off to a strong start!

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