Get NetBase LIVE in LA & NY on Your Calendar Now!

Carol Feigenbaum |
 08/16/19 |
4 min read

Get NetBase LIVE in LA & NY on Your Calendar Now

As the weather cools off, holiday shopping heats up, along with brand competition. Our NetBase LIVE conferences in Los Angeles and New York will have you in fighting shape to end 2019 on a high note! Are you ready to enter the new era in social analytics?

Let’s see what you can expect at each of these super informative sessions:


Where will you be on October 22nd and 23rd 2019? At the InterContinental in downtown LA in time to catch our keynote speaker: Carlos Gil, Author and Social Media Strategist will be sharing insights from his book – The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI. With social networks serving as the new marketing norm, businesses across the world are sorting out how to remain relevant. And Gil has some answers!

NetBase CEO, Peter Caswell, will expand the conversation, offering a CEO Outlook on Next Generation Artificial Intelligence and how it is driving greater social media analytic insights. And we’ll have panels and individual sessions lead by industry leaders joining us from Hotwire Global, Third Ear, Warner Bros. Interactive, Purple Strategies, Team One, 113 Industries and more.

The agenda is packed full of great sessions including:

How Warner Bros. Interactive Uses NetBase Audiences to Expand Addressable Market for Movie Titles

As the second largest movie studio, Warner Bros. Interactive makes some of the most celebrated films of all time. Find out how the Global Audience Insights team identifies key audiences, measure their engagement with our movie titles, and benchmark this engagement against both competitive and comparative titles in order to maximize our film’s slice of the pie on opening weekend.

Crisis Alert: Managing Your Brand in an Unpredictable World

Imagine your organization on the front page of the New York Times, trending on Twitter, and being the talk of the nightly news… all for the wrong reasons. We’ll explore why all organizations are vulnerable to a crisis and how your response affects your brand and your bottom line. (Spoiler: 50% of consumers have switched a product or service because the company violated their personal values.) And also – how to get your organization prepared!

Learn more about these sessions on our NetBase LIVE LA site – and register while you’re there.

And after attending our LA conference, you’ll want more – and we have it. Join us for NetBase LIVE NY at Convene in Midtown Manhattan!

Join us for NetBase LIVE NY at Convene in Midtown Manhattan


And on November 12th and 13th, 2019 in New York, you will hear from social media analytic experts from Hotwire Global, iHeartMedia, Third Ear, Warner Bros. Interactive, Purple Strategies, Digitas Health, H&L Partners, Nutrisystem, 113 Industries and more.

Our Keynote speaker, Chris Malone, Former Fortune 500 Chief Marketing Officer and award-winning author of The HUMAN Brand, will offer compelling insights on how to build lasting customer and employee loyalty in the Digital Age. NetBase CEO, Peter Caswell will speak to Next Gen AI-powered insight as a differentiator for brands ready to adapt in this crowded online market.

And other sessions on the packed agenda include:

  • Generation Alpha: Marketing Strategy for the Most Diverse Audience Yet
  • The Power of Artificial Intelligence: Social Media Analytics, the 2.0 version
  • Soccer in America: The Tipping Point Is Here
  • How Warner Bros. Interactive Uses NetBase Audiences to Expand Addressable Market for Movie Titles
  • Story, Behavior, Action! A Roadmap to Meaningful Content

But wait, that was only the first day at each conference! What happens on Day Two?

We were just getting to that . . .

Day Two of NetBase LIVE LA and NY

Day Two Overview

Whether you’re joining us in Los Angeles or New York, you’ll have access to not only expert lessons learned and forward-looking insight on Day One, but a series of high energy “how to’s” on Day Two!

And on the second morning of your multi-day agenda in LA, you’ll have a tough choice ahead of you. We’re offering three separate tracks:

Informative Tracks attendees can take on Day Two of NetBase Live LA and NY

And in New York, the morning of Day Two will be offered in tracks as well and will include focus areas that include:

  • Winning New Business with Social Insights
  • Social Listening Wild West: How to Lay the Groundwork for a Social Measurement Program
  • Learn How Companies are Using Social Listening for Their M&A, Sales Channel, Digital Engagement, and Innovation Strategies
  • Developing Content Strategy: How Research Informs Digital Identity, Content, and Sequencing

Afternoon Product Trainings

Get to NetBase Live as Day Two at both conference will offer exceptional training opportunities

The afternoons of Day Two at both conferences will offer exceptional training opportunities with NetBase professionals who are happy to walk you through scenarios specific to your brand. You’ll have two tracks to choose from, with introductory and master class options.

Introductory trainings include:

  • Brand & Competitive Monitoring Basics: Best Practices in Topic Building
  • Crisis Management: Uncovering More Insights
  • Campaign Reporting: Uncovering More Insights
  • Presenting Insights & Driving Action: Storytelling and Dashboard Templates

And Master Class trainings take a deep dive into:

  • Campaign Content Strategy: Deeper Insights to Connect Emotionally with Your Target Audience
  • Advanced Best Practices in Social Analytics
  • Customer Driven Innovation: Surface Unmet Needs Using Category and Competitive Analyses
  • Creating a Social Listening Program: How Brands & Agencies Can Deliver ROI

And, of course, each day offers insight around the latest Next Generation AI-powered advances in social analytics, and product innovations that will give you an insider edge. All of this, while networking with equally excited and informed industry peers, which we all know is super valuable in itself.

Be sure to register early so you have it on your calendar and don’t miss out! You can read all about our most recent NetBase LIVE London conference to see how it went, and please reach out with any questions!

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