Five Ways Social Sentiment Could Save Companies Millions
Kimberly Surico |
 09/28/18 |
3 min read

If saving money is done by avoiding unnecessary costs in the first place, an ability to determine the future would come in handy. But you don’t need to befriend Allison Dubois to get the job done. Social analytics tools with sentiment analysis are all the medium you need.

Here are five ways you can use these tools to save your brand from costly mistakes:

1. Catching Customer Care Issues Early

What’s worse than a disgruntled customer? Several of them. On social media, complaints spread like an epidemic – especially if social users are left to their own devices. Without brands managing problems, social users exacerbate small issues by talking them up, sharing them, and creating their visibility.

What brands need are social monitoring tools that use social sentiment to alert them to the biggest issues at the first sign of trouble. This way they can keep those additional conversations from happening because they’ve already solved the problem.

2. Eliminating Customer Experience Issues at the Source

Even better is using social listening to understand broader-scale problems consumers are bumping on regularly. You may think you need a slicker web interface, for example, but the real problem making your customers crazy is being hassled while making returns.

Use social sentiment to understand the level of passion behind social posts, and solve the problems your customers want you to solve – for good, instead of offering piecemeal customer service fixes. You’ll waste less time and money on refunds and such and inspire greater brand confidence in your customers.

3. Getting New Product Feedback Before Moving Forward

Innovation is mandatory to remain competitive, but it’s expensive to throw all your money behind a product upgrade that may not succeed.

Instead of doing that, use social media as the always-open focus group it is, and find out what your audience actually wants. Social sentiment points you to the trends they’re obsessed with, as well as anything they’re giving a big thumbs-down.

Best of all, you could be inspired to bring one of their ideas to life. There’s no better recipe for success than that.

4. Tracking Campaign Results in Real-Time

If you don’t find out your latest marketing campaign has failed until it’s over, you’ve got to spend even more money on a second chance. That’s assuming you get one.

Modern social analytics tools let you track results in real-time. And social sentiment reveals where to focus any tweaking that’s needed. When you know what’s wrong, you can salvage a campaign in motion – and keep your marketing budget on track too.

5. Beating Competitors to a Trend

With some trends, if you blink you’ll miss them. Others linger for weeks, months, or even change the world as we know it. They might seem to come out of thin air – but they don’t. The trick is spotting the early signs, and that’s where social sentiment comes in.

How psyched was Apple to get there first?

As you sift through analytics, look for sentiment related to trending topics, within the context of your audience. If this is something you know they want, jump on board. There’s nothing worse than watching the competition revel in beating everyone else to the punch.

With social sentiment in the mix, you can be the one reveling.

Even small missteps – or misses – add up when you’re a brand at the global level. It’s even less forgivable when the information is out there, available, if you just know where to look.

Social sentiment will always point you in the right direction, so revenue flows, and costs stay low. And the look on your boss’s face? Priceless.

Want to see our social sentiment tools in action? Get in touch for a customized demo!



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