firehouse-subs-logoNote: This is the fourth  in a series of four posts about how leading multi-unit restaurant brands can use social media analysis as a fast and cost-effective way to do market research, analyze promotions, get immediate feedback on product launches and more.

With just over 142,000 mentions in 2013, Firehouse Subs has a relatively small share of the online conversation. But their Net Sentiment registers at an impressive 82 percent—the best on our list—with their Passion Intensity score registering at 48. Equally impressive are the four thousand comments favoring the Florida-based sub shop over Subway.

82% Net Sentiment for Firehouse Subs


4,000 Consumers Prefer It Over Subway


What Firehouse Subs Might Do Next

Firehouse Subs has been acclaimed as one of the premier franchise opportunities in 2013 by QSR Magazine. The brand has publicly stated goals of expanding from its current footprint of 600 units to 2,000 total units by the year 2020.

Executives at the brand might consider digging deeper into the conversations and sentiment around their brand in order to better understand how and why consumers prefer it over the largest and most popular sub brand in the world.

While pats on the back are deserved for the brand’s popularity, executives at Firehouse might consider using these direct consumer insights to support franchise expansion as they seek out and attempt to acquire new franchise partners.

Funding Public Safety Boosts Positive Net Sentiment

Consumers like the taste of Firehouse Subs, but they’re also raving about the brand’s commitment to funding public safety programs. Nearly 2,000 people mentioned the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, which gives the brand an overall Positive Net Sentiment boost of nearly 10 percent.

“Giving back to the communities we serve has been woven into the fabric of our brand since our founding in 1994. When we started Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation (Foundation) in 2005, it provided an avenue for our entire franchise community to rally behind a single cause: supporting the needs of public safety entities throughout the United States. We were doing good for the sake of doing good. Little did we know the extent to which our customers would embrace this initiative and reward us with their loyalty. It was an unexpected and measurable side effect that continues to grow over time. We see the results in terms of our guests’ contributions to the Foundation, the sentiment they express through social media, and in the increased traffic we see at the restaurants that are most engaged with their community. Best of all, the equipment and other resources we have donated over the years have saved countless lives. There is no greater reward than that.”

— Don Fox, CEO, Firehouse Subs

By providing proof that the program resonates with consumers, that finding can motivate Firehouse to publicize the program even more widely. The finding also shows other multi-unit restaurants the value of a program that it has a clear tie to the restaurant’s identity while promoting the public good.

2,000 Mentions for Public Safety Foundation


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