Find Social Media Influencers with a New Approach to Content Marketing
Kimberly Surico |
 01/14/16 |
2 min read

4280266430_f5a5279dfe_mIf we’d made “travel” our New Year’s resolution, we’d be nailing it already. Our packed roster of January events has us stopping in places like Ojai and San Francisco, Las Vegas, and on January 22, Denver – for the 2016 Brand Innovators Summit. The theme of this year’s event? Content marketing.

Content marketing has become a crucial component in modern advertising – but are all brands using it for maximum effect? And how can social media listening help? We’ll talk in detail about everything that brands and marketers need to know in Denver – but here’s a little preview.

Knowing the consumer with social media sentiment analysis

For content marketing to be effective, it must be relevant to its audience. To know what they should be sharing, brands must understand everything they can about consumers on a deep, human level. What do they want, need, and care about? Where do they work, play, dine? It’s all relevant.

And it’s a huge power shift. You can’t tell consumers that they need anything. Consumers now tell brands what they need and want – and they expect brands to fall in line and provide it.

Complicating the issue, consumers won’t tell you directly what they want most times either, but they leave breadcrumbs. They share information on social media using words, slanguage, sarcasm, and even emojis. And brands need social media monitoring tools to decipher these conversations for actionable insights.

Take segments of consumers with common interests for example. These unique segments offer a huge opportunity for brands to reach new audiences in a more personal way, and at scale.

Content as unique as your audience

Personalization has always been an advantage, but it’s quickly becoming insufficient. Consumers want to feel they are singular and important – not part of a large generic group. They don’t want to be “marketed to,” they want to be recognized for their contribution to brands’ success.

Coke has done an excellent job of both personalizing their product, with their Share a Coke campaign, and recognizing consumer engagement, by turning consumer tweets into billboard art.

And while everyone is still buzzing about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, look no farther than that franchise for huge engagement opportunities for brands that are listening well and not making assumptions about the audience that Star Wars attracts.

In Denver, we’ll share exactly how some of the biggest brands in the world are succeeding by applying audience marketing strategies to their content marketing using our new Audience 3D™ tool. And we’ll tell attendees how to do the same.

See you in Denver?

We’ll be in excellent company alongside brands like Quiznos, Dish Network, and Kellogg, who’ll share their content marketing insights as well.

As Elena Levitskaya, Brand Manager, Media Strategy and Digital Marketing at Dannon says, Brand Innovators conferences are set apart from others by the “degree of openness of conversation” and because they provide “a great look ‘behind the curtain’ of how major companies like Coca-Cola, Sears and Gilt think about their media investment and communication strategy.”

We’re looking forward to being part of that conversation. If you’re there, be sure to look for us!

Can’t make it to Denver? Reach out!

Image from Larry Johnson

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