hanz-imgInventing is easy; gaining the insights necessary to know what to invent is the secret.

Nick Webb says too many new product developers are relying on outdated voice of the customer (VOC) research to find those insights. His company, Lassen Innovation, used social media analysis instead to find the insights that led to the development of Hänz, one of the most award-winning educational toys in recent years.

Join us for the April Social Savvy Webinar and learn how Nick used social to reduce the cost of finding insights by 43 percent and shorten time-to-design by 63 percent. Nick will describe the benefits of incorporating social listening into the new product development process, share best practices for using social analytics, and explain how Lassen Innovation used social to develop and market Hänz.

nick-webb-headshotNick Webb (www.nickwebb.com) is a world-renowned business futurist and innovation thought leader. The author of The Innovation Playbook and The Digital Innovation Playbook, he is also a successful inventor with a wide range of patented technologies ranging from one of the world’s smallest medical implants to consumer and industrial products. He is the inventor of the popular Hänz® line of educational toys and runs Lassen Innovation.

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