fazolisNote: This is the first in a series of four posts about how leading multi-unit restaurant brands can use social media analysis as a fast and cost-effective way to do market research, analyze promotions, get immediate feedback on product launches and more.

Sometimes it’s best not to mess with a successful formula. Quick-serve Italian chain Fazoli’s, at just under 100,000 mentions in 2013, has a Positive Net Sentiment of 76 percent with a Passion Intensity score of 52.

What’s the number one discussed item on the menu?

Breadsticks—they had more than 11,000 mentions, with a Positive Net Sentiment score of 86 percent and a Passion Intensity score of 80. For Fazoli’s, that may mean it’s time to feature breadsticks in the next marketing campaign.

Breadsticks Dominate Conversation About Fazoli’s


Note that the obscenities in this word cloud are words normally used in a negative sense, but used here as slang and put into the context of the online conversation, they have a positive connotation. An analytics solution with true natural language processing capabilities can make that distinction, resulting in greater accuracy in sentiment analysis.

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