“How can I ramp up on a new area instantly?” The Quid Intelligence Platform allows you to go from zero to fluency on any topic in days, not months. Using Quid’s big data and advanced algorithms you can be up to date on all the major events, relationships, sentiment, key people, and terminology in any industry – in less time than it would typically take to locate a static industry report.


Market mapping and segmentation in minutes. Using only a small set of initial keywords or target company names, build out a full market map of a space and deliver a highly granular segmentation in minutes rather than days. By leveraging the Quid Platform’s unsupervised machine learning algorithms to automate data curation and cleansing, you and your team can focus on high value analysis like market shifts, competitor footprint mapping, or target scanning.

Quid is a powerful tool for all strategy advisors. From landscape research to monitoring brand sentiment, no other technology draws on the appropriate big data sets, and allows them to be explored interactively.

Dr. David Dean

Former Global Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications Practice, The Boston Consulting Group

Bring news and social data into your analysis. Quid brings together the world’s news and social data in a way that lets you understand the macro themes affecting the collective conscious. With Quid you can see conversations expanding into new locations and demographics over time, assess traction through social amplification, and predict shifts in tastes, politics, and influence.

While talking to a potential client we pulled up a live network on the big screen when the conversation took a different direction on their brand narrative. The client was so impressed, she immediately tweeted ‘Inspirational!’

Dan Buczaczer

Executive Vice President Creative Partnerships, VivaKi

How can I differentiate my advisory services? Quid’s proprietary visual interface and collaboration features allow you to show your clients insight in a truly unique and dynamic way. Present ideas and insights in high resolution, using interactive software rather than static PowerPoint. Quid allows your clients to co-create with you in real time.

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