New York Fashion Week (NYFW) kicked off on Thursday and everyone who’s everyone is following the shows on social media – and WE’RE following the action ourselves using NetBase LIVE Pulse™ to track trends in real-time. Want to know what fashionistas are feeling about the collections, the celeb sightings, and everything else? Follow along with us!

Your social media command center is as good as a front row seat

Fashion lovers and stars love to tweet from the runway shows, and they’re talking about everything from Kanye West’s newest line of athletic wear, to the supplies in their Hermes handbags to help them get through the long days.

If you want to know which luxury brands, on-the-go beauty remedies, and healthy snacks Fashion Week goers are most into moment by moment, you can. Our LIVE Pulses provide real-time data about what’s trending and what people are gushing over.

The Brand Pulse gives you a snapshot of how many people are talking about Fashion Week, where they’re located, and how they’re feeling. It also highlights emerging trends. At press time there were 88 million impressions about NYFW from the prior hour. And the 3.5k people mentioning the event were all clearly loving it based on the Net Sentiment score of 100. As for emerging trends, “win our favorite” and “chance” were both on the list, so it’s a good bet there are some giveaways happening at the shows.

nyfw brand pulse

If you’re a fashion brand, this is a great time to join the conversation, as fashion-lovers are in a fabulous mood. For instance, you could put the emerging trends insights to use and have a giveaway of your own.

And when you combine the insights from the Pulses with other tools like Audience 3D™ you can find smaller segments to be sure your messaging is personalized, and not intrusive.

Of course, you don’t have to be a fashion brand to get in on the fun. Following the Pulses shows you what everyone is chattering about around Fashion Week – but how you use that information is up to you. There’s a huge crowd and lots of data at your disposal, and the LIVE Pulses highlight what’s happening as it’s happening.

Which fashion trends are trending?

This is especially true of our Leaderboard Pulse, which breaks down the tweets coming through even further. You can see the most recent tweets mentioning NYFW, which tweets are getting the most impressions, and which are getting the most retweets.

Here’s a look at the Leaderboard Pulse at press time:

nyfw leaderboard pulse

Designer and stylist Rachel Zoe was tops for impressions, though Aveda and Nordstrom were killing it with retweets. Will Zoe hold onto the top spot? If not, which designer will dethrone her?

Following the Leaderboard Pulse gives brands and marketers real-time information about all the goings-on, so they can interact with fashion fans based on their passions – not generic information or assumptions.

And this is an audience worth engaging, as its an influential one. The trends established at Fashion Week can carry across the entire year. But if they don’t, social media listening can give you the first inkling of changes – as long as you’re paying attention, and speak the language.

The more excitement, the more emojis

Luckily our LIVE Pulse makes it easy to track real-time Twitter data. And since IMG and Twitter have a special partnership for the week with designated hashtags, Twitter is the place to be. Twitter is also getting into the fun with custom emojis that will rotate as social users add #NYFW or #fashionflock to their tweets.

And speaking of emojis – there might be plenty of others in the mix as busy and excited Fashion-Weekers rush to convey their swirling emotions throughout events. If you’re not fluent, you’d want to add our Slanguage Tracker to your monitoring efforts so you don’t miss any of the conversation.

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to track real-time trends during a major event like NYFW, following along via our LIVE Pulses is a must. Check in on them throughout the weekend, and be sure to tweet us your observations.

Or ask us how you can set up your own LIVE Pulse today!

Image from Jason Hargrove


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