Visual Storytelling & Other Enhancements in the NetBase Quid® Fall Product Update!

Niraj Sharma |
 10/05/22 |
4 min read

Visual Storytelling & Other Enhancements in the NetBase Quid® Fall Product Update!

Today, we’re excited to release the next phase of our innovations, enhancing our unified platform for consumer and market insights, and rolling out industry-leading features for visual storytelling.

We’ll explore several updates below, including:

  • A unified look and feel across NetBase Quid® products
  • New dashboard experience for more powerful visual stories
  • Sneak peek of modernized widgets in our New NetBase Presentation Mode – coming soon!
  • Bi-directional analysis of themes to support advanced discovery
  • And then we’ve expanded & updated our NLP and foreign language support

Let’s dig into the specifics!

Unified NetBase Quid® Look and Feel

We have implemented a modern and unified look and feel across the NetBase and Quid products, allowing you to seamlessly move back and forth between monitoring and discovery experiences. Our product suite is now fully integrated around a single, powerful underlying platform.

You’ll also have access to a preview of the New NetBase Presentation Mode. The NetBase Quid® Product Design Team has reimagined key visuals and updated dashboards to help brands and their agency partners better understand consumers, their preferences, and passions. This preview will run in parallel to your existing dashboards until all widgets are available in the new mode.

We have unified the look and feel across NetBase and Quid, adopting a consistent design system and color palette that modernizes and streamlines the user experience. You can toggle between your NetBase and Quid applications via the convenient App Switcher and under a single login.

product update1

Introducing Our New Dashboard Experience

In addition to our new look and feel, we’re excited to announce a modern, new dashboard experience that will help you tell even more powerful visual stories to stakeholders at every level of your organization.

product update2

Sneak peek of modernized widgets, coming soon!

New NetBase Presentation Mode

We also have a preview of the New NetBase Presentation Mode, giving customers an early look at the updated NetBase dashboard experience.

This new Presentation Mode delivers clear, intuitive visualizations for compelling presentations, executive storytelling, and faster decision-making. This is just the first step in a larger project, unlocking new ways of discovering, interpreting, and presenting strategic consumer insights.

New NetBase UI Teaser_1.5 from Netbase Quid on Vimeo.

You will see from the new designs that we have upgraded our design system and visualizations, resulting in a sophisticated look and feel that will transform your ability to share insights.

Updates include:

  • Dark Mode, providing customers with an immersive modern way to explore dashboards.
  • A new chart to enhance your ability to visualize data: the Streamgraph. The Streamgraph provides a new visualization for timeline comparison use cases.
  • Nine modernized NetBase widgets, including Timeline, Word Clouds, Donut Chart, Text Widget, Rich Text Widget, Source Widget, Domains Bar Chart, Story Scope, and Topic Comparison.

product update3

Customers will have one-click access to the preview of New NetBase Presentation Mode through a dedicated button in the Dashboards tab. Customers can seamlessly explore existing dashboards in the updated design system at the click of a button. There is no need to edit or rebuild any existing dashboards.

Widgets not included in the preview release will be modernized and released on a rolling basis.

product update4

Bi-directional Analysis of Themes to Support Advanced Discovery

With our releases last month supporting the ability to go deeper than ever before with refined sentiment classification, entity grouping, enhanced article sampling and updated PowerPoint exports, this exciting new feature dovetails perfectly.

This update offers bi-directional analysis of themes for Quid Social customers who have defined more than 10 themes in their NetBase account. Starting today, Quid Social will automatically import NetBase themes when loading a saved analysis into Quid.

This new feature allows you to leverage NetBase themes in Quid Social by comparing themes with Quid clusters. When you load a saved analysis into Quid Social, it imports both Themes filters set in the global filter panel and widget-level themes set in the Crosstab, Side-by-Side, or Topic Comparison widget.

product updat5

After you click the NetBase Discover in Quid button or start a Quid Social search and select a saved analysis, the system lists the themes in an Imported NetBase Themes drop-down section.

In the resulting network, themes will appear as attributes when customizing the network using in the control panel (such as Color By), as network filters in the Filters panel, and as metadata in the info panel.

You can then use filters to focus in on points of interest to see what themes are emerging.

Expanded & Updated NLP and Foreign Language Support

We’ve enhanced and expanded our Natural Language Processing (NLP) for additional international and regional language capabilities, including tripling the coverage in French and Spanish. And our geo-classification for all regional content combined with AI-based classification improves coverage for all supported languages.

More specifically, Spanish comes with improved and expanded medium and high precision recall, with enhanced processing of Spanish-authored data that improves the accuracy of detected sentiment and increases the volume of sentiment in posts where brands and products are not specifically mentioned.

And as you may remember, we recently launched enhanced Quid cluster formation, naming, and entity recognition capabilities across all supported languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese posts, to encourage more meaningful clusters.

product update6

Would you like to see more? Please reach out for a demo today to see these updates in action! And we welcome your feedback as well. We’ll be collecting it directly from users through an in-product survey––watch for it! And watch for more updates, coming soon.

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