Facebook Topic Data Now Available for Marketers Everywhere

Kimberly Surico |
 02/11/16 |
3 min read

facebook-logo Our ability to offer marketers a full, dimensional social picture is something we pride ourselves on. And it’s about to get better. Starting February 9, NetBase customers will have access to the anonymized, aggregated data of 1.59 billion Facebook members, and the insights that come with Facebook topic data.

Here’s why we’re excited – and why you should be too.

Creating a foundation with the world’s largest social platform

Opening the doors to Facebook’s 1.59 billion members – 70% of whom are active daily – gives brands and marketers the opportunity to fill a major gap in their social analytics, while improving alignment between other social insights and their Facebook marketing strategy.

And though we talk a lot about the importance of psychographics in the consumer-centric landscape of social media in 2016, it’s demographics that form the framework for most audience marketing activities. The self-declared demographic detail from Facebook topic data is the most complete and accurate source available for creating that foundation.

For instance, knowing that 1000 women in California aged 25-34 are having positive engagements around L’Oreal makeup “right now” would give all cosmetics brands a jumping off point for the rest of their analysis and messaging. This is just a hypothetical, but it’s the kind of scenario that can play out in real life when data is delivered in real-time.

More data, more insights

What else is special about Facebook topic data? The sheer volume of it, for starters. Facebook has a larger audience, and more engagement, than any other social platform. But it’s also the depth of the data that matters. Each item of data includes more than 60 attributes, including:

  • Engagement data (Likes/Comments/Shares) to clue brands into which content is getting the most Facebook “traction”
  • Author demographics including gender, age-range and location (country and state of 139 countries and territories, in 11 languages)
  • Positive or negative sentiment associated with posts – something we’ve always believed is crucial to staying on top as a brand

This data, made available through a partnership with Human Data Intelligence leader DataSift, goes far beyond Facebook’s Page Insights. There you’re limited to insights based on liked pages (yours or those you select). Facebook topic data includes insights from all posts and engagement data across Facebook.

Facebook topic data provides in-depth insights based on the content people are posting and sharing on Facebook.

All of which offers a real-time picture of broader trends and topics of interest. And these insights can be applied in numerous ways to:

To name a few.

The data you’ve been waiting for

For all the social data that’s been available for the past few years, NOT having access to meaningful data from the world’s largest social platform has meant the consumer picture gathered by brands has been incomplete.

Now brands can refine and reaffirm their social strategies with Facebook insights revealing how consumers feel about them, as well as their competitors. This information helps not only with planning strategies for Facebook marketing, but also with how to approach additional social marketing, and how other data fits into the framework of the demographics uncovered with Facebook topic data.

It’s a huge new landscape for marketers and brands to explore and master – and we’re thrilled to be able to bring it to our customers. We know you’re going to do even greater things with Facebook topic data in the mix – we can’t wait to see.

Get in touch if you’d like a demo of our new Facebook topic data offering, or if you’re ready to dive right in!

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