How to Use Facebook Search Tools to Find What You Need

With a platform as big as Facebook, you’ll want to be sure your social media monitoring tools are search-savvy to locate what you need to inform your marketing strategy. We have gathered a list of Facebook-focused tools to help you on your way.


Launched in 2004, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world – which makes it worth paying attention to. It’s easy to get distracted by newer sites such as TikTok, but there’s a reason Facebook still reigns as king, as these stats reveal:

And perhaps most shocking of all, Facebook beat out TikTok for short-form videos. So, there’s a lot to love about this elder of the social media apps. Let’s explore how you can amplify your brand by using Facebook search tools to locate what you need!

In-App Facebook Tools

There’s a couple of things you can do within Facebook to inform your brand on your audience. And one is utilizing the Facebook Live Map. This simple, but very handy tool helps brands keep an eye on trending videos all over the world. This is helpful in understanding your audiences’ funny bone, their political views, whether they prefer cats to dogs – pretty much anything! And it helps you determine what content might make your brand stand out from the rest!


Another search feature within Facebook that you’re probably already familiar with is the search function. Yes, that little bar at the top of your page. This Facebook search tool isn’t for sorting your consumers one-by-one, that would take eons and is a task best fit for social media monitoring . Instead, this simple search can help you keep an eye on known influencers in your category. And this includes celebrities, macro and micro influencers.

Of course, the easiest way to identify social media royalty, is by performing an influencer identification analysis using social media monitoring to uncover both known and unknown influencers in your category. But in a pinch, this Facebook search feature will suffice.

Three External Facebook Search Tools to Enhance Marketing Strategy

You may have noticed that we didn’t mention Facebook’s Graph Searcher. That’s because it has faded from existence, leaving a gap where you could previously search sentences and keywords and then filter by specific criteria. This made it easy to track down posts, comments and pictures. But don’t worry, replacing it are a handful of tools from other companies – and our favorites are below!



Maltego can be super useful when looking at partnerships with other companies or considering an acquisition. And that’s because this Facebook search tool reveals how frequently your subject shows up on the internet, locating the correlations between a brand and other organizations – and even geolocations. This is also a great tool, as Maltego offers various modules to investigate social profiles.

Intelligence X

This Facebook search tool is great for analyzing how often something is posted in a day or month. Maybe you’re trying to see how often sustainability is talked about, or perhaps you’ve run an ad which highlights your brand’s sustainability efforts and you want to quickly check in and see how it rates. Using Intelligence X Graph Searcher, we plugged in our keyword sustainability:


Our results show top profiles and their posts. You can also switch between Posts, Videos, People, Pages, Groups and Events. By exploring these, you can see how consumers respond to each, perhaps revealing aspects you might want to add to your own content, or highlighting things you should avoid.


The events tab is especially nice as you can view what other companies are doing on Facebook to highlight their own sustainability practices.

Social Searcher

And speaking of the competition, if you’re a company seeking to scout out rivals on Facebook within a certain geological area, using Social Searcher’s Facebook search tool makes quick and easy work of this endeavor. Simply type in the town and state and hit search. You’ll see any and all businesses from that area that have Facebook pages.



Knowing who your competition is and how they stack up is critical to any brand looking to rise to the top.  Here, you can look at content and see what’s trending and how the local audience is responding and engaging. Of course, an easier way to do this would be to use a competitive analysis – one like Rival IQ’s. It will search out all of your competition on Facebook, so you have a well-rounded view of the competitive waters. However, Social Searcher is great for a quick snapshot.

Isolating Facebook Search Results with Social Media Analytics

All of these Facebook search tools have something to offer for quick glimpses of influencers, other businesses, keyword trends and prospective ventures. However, having all of that in one spot saves you a lot of time, and time always equals money.

With social media analytics, you can not only do what has already been mentioned, but you can look at your total impact on Facebook over time, revealing hidden sentiments using sentiment analysis tools, and tracking campaign progress as you go. Additionally, you can isolate your results according to social media channels, such as Facebook:


This feature also makes locating brand mentions a breeze and aids in finding new ways to market your brand/product. As an example, here we see Starbucks’ Medicine Ball drink being mentioned by Western Son Vodka:


Though we don’t see Starbucks adding liquor to their menu anytime soon, this is a great example of how social media tools help brands in understanding the way their own ideas or products are being used – giving way to innovation.

Having many Facebook search tools that offer different types of intel is critical to expanding your presence online and understanding your place in your industry. NetBase Quid offers all the tools mentioned above and more. Reach out for a demo and see how social analytics tools can work for you!


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