The 20 Best Facebook Analytics Tools for Marketing

Adaptation is the key to staying ahead of (or at least current) with consumer trends. And it’s also critical when something a brand previously relied on disappears, such as Facebook’s analytics tool. Don’t worry – we have you covered with some neat options to optimize your social sharing.

In a recent statement, Facebook announced that their free analytics tool will no longer be available as of June 30, 2021. You can use one of their three alternative tools, Facebook Business Suite, Ads Manager and Events manager to meet your Facebook analytics needs once that happens. However, with more users opting not to share their information, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to get consumer data the way they previously could. This means, whether you opt to use their three other tool options or not, you’ll likely need some additional analysis to help you along. And we have some options here to help you with that.

With over 2.6 billion monthly Facebook users, this social media platform is still the number one most used platform out there. And with opportunities to not only market B2C, but also B2B, it’s imperative to have a tool that can measure Facebook intel – and your impact. Analytics tools can enhance your campaign effectiveness, reporting and more. There is every reason in the world to have them to inform your strategic decision making and track both your success and challenges.

In this article, we will learn about 20 Facebook analytics tools your brand should be aware of as we approach the June 30 mark – well, 21 tools as there’s one that offers social media analytics powered by next generation AI that we need to mention first: NetBase Quid!

With it, you can learn so much from your social insight, particularly as you can combine it with insight from other sources to:

  • Analyze social data at scale and 9x faster than any other solution to know what your customers are saying at every moment.
  • Use geo-location specific analysis to understand your brand health at a global, regional, or local level.
  • Aggregate and get insight into brand conversations by owned, earned, partnered and paid channels.
  • Cultivate the most vocal brand advocates to build loyalty and expand your reach.

And that’s really just a quick summary of the possibilities. Let’s explore some of those other options to help inform your efforts as well . . .

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Reporting and Deeper Dives


Agorapulse offers a benchmarking page to set your goals and then track them, revealing if your content is performing well and pinpointing areas that may require more attention. It helps you understand which content is working best for your use case. It even offers a calculator to work out your ROI.

Reports are available and can be downloaded, though they are more basic in nature. One highlight of this tool is that it allows you to run competitions, quizzes and sweepstakes on your timeline to further engage your followers.

Cost for this Facebook analytic tool is free to get started with three pricing tiers above the free edition starting at $79/month.



We love a multitasking tool! And Quintly is one Facebook analytics tool which does this well. It offers performance insights, competitive benchmarking for different social channels, and advanced analytics. And it shows versatility on the social media platform, as it can also be used to track Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The dashboard is customizable to fit your brand’s specific social media goals. Some of the options here are tracking multiple Facebook pages, viewing engagements such as shares, likes and follows. And if you have an influencer marketing strategy in place, they also offer influencer options. It also reveals audience demographics and the option to customize reports, receiving them on an automated, recurring schedule.

Pricing for this tool is geared towards small and midsize brands and hovers around the $300 mark. They do offer a free trial.



Guide your company through Unmetric’s Facebook reporting and historical analysis. What really makes this Facebook analytics tool stand out is its reporting. Though it does offer tracking like so many of our other tools, the ability to set up Excel and PowerPoint reports that can be emailed to you at the frequency you set, keeps you in the know without lifting a finger. And their historical metrics reach back four years allowing you to benchmark your strategies and discover which ones are working and those which just aren’t, by comparing them to past endeavors. And in this vein, we also see their campaign categorization which breaks down the engagements, post types and top posts of individual campaigns.

You can request a demo and their custom pricing starts at $1,000 per month.


Social Bakers  

Benchmarking and competitive analysis are the hallmark offerings of this Facebook analytics tool, allowing you to create groups to track your performance in each. You have the ability to get detailed reports on your own page, or that of a competitor, including details such as fan count, location and growth.

Making this all simple is the ability to track all the data from one dashboard. Whether you are looking to analyze video content, Facebook stories or calculate your ROI – everything can be viewed from one spot, making this tool simple to use.

This tool is good for brands, but not so much for those with multiple clients as you would need to purchase one account per client, which seems odd. And with pricing for a single account with access for up to five team members starting at $400 a month, it could add up quickly. You can however, request a personalized demo before jumping in.



What does this Facebook analytics tool offer? A whole library at your fingertips! A library of historical data in a variety of charts and graphs that update every minute. What do these graphs and charts tell us? They illustrate page analytics such as sentiment, engagement and demographic information ranging from age to ethnicity.

You can access data for any public page including your own. So, while it’s a great competitive analysis tool for you, it can also monitor your own performance providing you with valuable insights into your own company. 

This tool starts at $25/month and goes up to $450+ for large companies.



If you need analytics of action, then this competitive Facebook analytics tool for startups and the enterprise is for you! Improvement is the name of the game and this tool allows brands to improve their social media success by identifying gaps and opportunities. And it doesn’t reveal this in a bunch of weird marketing language, but rather gives this intel to you in actionable tips that can be implemented right away to improve your daily performance. One fun option is the ability to see popular hashtags and compare these against what you’re using.

This tool has a report builder that leaves no stone unturned and allows you unlimited white label reports with an option to add your own insights and notes.

The downside if that it’s not very user friendly, but with a little focus anything can be learned. To get started they offer a free competitor comparison tool. After that, the price is extremely competitive at $10 per month if billed annually. Otherwise, it’s $69/month.


Zoho Social

Where is your audience? And do you know what they like? Zoho Social is a Facebook analytics tool that can help you figure out where in the world your audience is, helping you focus efforts geographically. And it can also highlight what content they like.

Once you’ve discovered this, Zoho can track conversations relevant to your specific brand, revealing conversations you can use to help leverage yourself and your products/services. Their pricing is very fair for small businesses starting at $15 per month. If you need something that can download these analytics in a report, you’ll have to opt for their $65 per month tier which allows you the option of customizable reports.

For agencies pricing begins at $320 per month. There is a discount if you opt to be billed annually.


Sneaky Peeks at Competitors

Social Status 

Having the ability to see what your competitors are up to gives a brand a great advantage. As a company you can see what is working for your competition and what isn’t and then apply this knowledge to your own strategy.

Social Status offers competitive benchmarking for Facebook, which we think is pretty neat. This allows you to compare your page performance against any public page or profile on Facebook. This alone is worth its weight in gold. You know what they say about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer . . .



This is a fun one with great extras such as the ability to keep an eye on competition by tracking their movements. This is great for a simple competitor analysis but also good for Facebook benchmarking efforts.

Sotrendor offers insights about your audience and their demographics. You can even track your reach, differentiating between paid and organic efforts. As a bonus, it offers a report with recommendations.

For something that offers the versatility that this Facebook analytic tool does, it’s not free. Though there is a free trial that you can sign up for to give it a test drive. You can also save 20% by paying annually, starting at $70 per month.


Rival IQ

Rival IQ is all about metrics and covers a wide variety of them from audience, influencers and mentions to engagement and even sentiment. Over all, as a Facebook analytics tool, it helps you keep track of your page’s performance and can weigh it against competing brands. And this is especially helpful when it comes to reports – understanding where you rank in comparison to your competitors is intel you don’t want to ignore.

It goes a step beyond these analytics to aid you in describing your Facebook business page, once again showing you a summary of your competitors’ pages. It really is a spy for you, as any changes made by your competitors are sent via email. Other analytics or data descriptions are exported in various formats including PowerPoint for easy sharing with your client.

One drawback is its video analytics, which for some companies may be a deciding factor. Pricewise, it’s competitive for what’s out there offering similar capabilities. It has several tiers offering different options and they begin at $199 per month. They do offer a free trial as well as a free ‘Head-to-Head’ competitor comparison report.


Scheduling + Growth Tracking


Track the growth of your Facebook audience with this tool from Social Pilot. This Facebook analytics tool offers a graph which visually shows you daily, weekly and even monthly likes and dislikes, which makes it easy to measure best times and days to post for the most exposure. It even alerts you to when your fans are online to further aid in reach. And speaking of reach, it also has the ability to locate influencers in order to aid your brand in generating more buzz.

It provides scheduling for posts as well as includes a design tool where you can add videos, images and album posts with its Canva integration.

A further advantage is its ability to download PDF reports for your Facebook analytics, and you can even have them emailed to your clients straight from your Social Pilot account. As far as cost, Social Pilot has 14-day free trial with packages starting at $25 per month.



Cyfe is an online business dashboard offering Facebook integration. With this tool, you effectively track and analyze campaigns, ad sets, ads and engagement metrics to improve your return on investment (ROI). You can track your fan base and see how they’ve grown and their behavioral patterns of engagement.

Perhaps the best feature of this tool is that you can customize your dashboard to display only the data you wish to see. You’re also able to download reports making your findings easily sharable with your client or team. This tool begins at $29 per month and has four separate pricing tiers to consider.



If you’ve ever wanted to quantify the financial impact of your social media strategies, Oktopost is here to answer the call. As a Facebook analytic tool, this little one packs a big punch by identifying channels and even messages that drive the financial actions on your page. You no longer have to guess where customer X came from, you can look at your intel and say that they found you by clicking on or reacting to your latest post. It also helps you identify the best time for your brand to publish posts as well as allows you to publish straight from its dashboard so you don’t have to flipflop between websites.

For pricing information you’ll have to contact this company, though they do offer a free demo.



No doubt, you’ve heard of Hootsuite. And if you have Facebook, or even more than one social media channel, this can be a great option, maximizing your time. Hootsuite has the ability to schedule posts for all your platforms, from Facebook to Pinterest, each with its own tab. As far as posting goes, you can upload csv files and schedule 100’s of social media posts to go out at various times throughout the day or week.

And of course, they offer analytics to monitor your pages and see what’s working for you and what isn’t, all to inform your campaign strategies. From their dashboard you’re able to respond to messages, brand mentions, and comments across your social networks. They also offer a tool to help you calculate your ROI.

They offer a 30-day free trial with plans starting at $49/month.



As far as Facebook analytics tools go, this one is pretty basic. Buffer’s main tool is for scheduling your social media posts across multiple channels, including Facebook. It does have Pablo which is a free design tool integrated right into Buffer. This can help you create engaging material and then with Buffers complimentary basic customer analytics tools you can measure a posts engagement and identify your top post each day. You can filter engagements by retweets, favorites, replies, likes, comments, clicks, reach, and post type (image posts, link posts, text posts and your Retweets). For further analysis, you can export all of this info and upload it to your mega analytics tool.

And like any good analytics tool, basic or not, it identifies optimal times to post and automatically times your posts for maximum consumer engagement.

Price is free for individuals or up to three social platforms, and then has three tiers between $15 and $99 per month.


Specific Use Focused Tools


Iconosquare pitches itself as a true and official marketing partner of Facebook. The main draw of this Facebook analytics tool is its free Facebook audit that shows you how well your page is performing. All you do is enter your email and page address, and they do a free run down of what is working for you and what isn’t. They also include actionable tips!

The best part is that this tool is 100% free.



What can we say about this tool that’s not already in the name? Well, yes, it does count how often your content is shared, liked and commented on. And it’s insanely easy to use, just paste a URL into the search bar. Now this particular Facebook analytics tool can be integrated into your own website or analytics software, which makes it a great option for a quick review of how a specific post is measuring up.

They offer a free plan which includes 500 queries a day, or for a business that may need a little more, their paid options begin at $40 per month.



This Facebook analytics tool uses data and optimization strategies for any public Facebook page, whether that’s yours or a competitor’s. By typing in a brand name, you will receive metrics which speak to growth, engagements by post type and suggested times to post based on your audience activity.

The standout for this tool is sentiment analysis, offering qualitative insights into negative and positive mentions, allowing a brand to stay ahead of any possible bad reviews by approaching it head on.

Pricing starts at $79 a month. For enterprises, custom pricing applies and you’ll need to contact them for more information.



If you incorporate Facebook groups into your marketing strategy, then this handy tool could help you as it is specifically designed for analyzing and optimizing Facebook group performance.

Grytics analyzes group posts and comments, locating the most engaging time for a group post. And it can measure multiple groups at the same time, allowing you to compare them for more insights. It reveals strengths and weaknesses and allows you to create a group report based on KPIs and key metrics. It also allows you to assign tool access to team members in order to coordinate for better efficiency.

Pricing is relatively affordable starting at $99 per year, and of course you can request a free trial to get your feet wet and see if this Facebook analytics tool is for you.


Brand 24

The major draw for this Facebook analytic tool is its hashtag analysis. This simple tool can add a lot oomph for your campaign by first locating popular hashtags and then analyzing which hashtags are receiving the highest number of shares, and their estimated social reach. This specifically useful for analyzing contests your brand may be running or a completely hashtag focused campaign. And this intel if fully viewable by your whole team as it offers team collaboration.

There are three tiers of pricing, starting at $49 per month, but you can start off with a free 14-day trial to see if it’s for your team or not.


Any of these tools would help a brand become more savvy with its marketing. However, if your brand needs all of these in just one tool, NetBase Quid is the obvious choice. With consumer sentiment analysis, competitive monitoring, benchmarking, text analysis and lots more, there’s not much we can’t offer. Reach out for a demo and see it in action!

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