Expanding Your News Media Coverage with LexisNexis!

Kimberly Surico |
 06/15/20 |
4 min read

Expanding Your News Media Coverage with LexisNexis!

Brands require the most accurate, transparent and complete insight available, so we’re excited to announce a significant expansion of our NetBase product, with the addition of LexisNexis’ news media dataset. We’re offering the deepest media and market intelligence, with more than a billion indexed news articles. Take that, along with NetBase Quid’s proprietary artificial intelligence, and your time to insight is reduced exponentially. And that’s far from all . . .

Flexible Consumer & News Media Analyses in One Place

There are more than 1.1 M news articles published every 24 hours. Having near real-time analysis of this news media, combined with social media coverage and engagement – and aggregating it all into one transparent, easy-to-navigate dashboard, is precisely what industry leaders are searching for.

Here’s why: Brands require the flexibility to shift between views that show them everything from share of voice in a crowded market and understanding trends to monitoring consumer response to a current campaign, and competitor messaging. And they don’t want to switch from tool to tool to do it.

Clients can now consolidate fragmented media monitoring into a single platform for faster, smarter decision-making for their most critical business decisions. It’s unprecedented visibility into their brands, their competition and their market. And we have details to share . . .

Complete Guide to Social Media Analytics

Coverage Nitty Gritty

NetBase’s access to LexisNexis global English-language news coverage (coverage that brings clients access to 3x more news media sources and ensures the highest story/mention count for your brand), includes:

  • English-language news from 200+ countries sourced from 60K+ news sources, including all syndicated posts to compute your brand’s true reach
  • 18K+ licensed news sources from top tier web and print sources (Reuters, PR Newswire, Bloomberg, CNN, Politico, many more)
  • 10K+ local, national, and international print sources (New York Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Washington Post, etc.)
  • 27 months of historical news articles
  • Unlimited mentions


And it’s important to note that this is complete domain coverage – so clients will have access to the full text, as well as paywalled content, and print media. It is not limited to “open web” news content.

So, how can you use this insight exactly? Let’s dig into that a bit . . .

Make Smarter, Faster, Data-driven Business Decisions

NetBase users are aware of the many ways they can slice and dice data by a range of metrics and filters, including sentiment; tracking potential impressions and reach; real-time alerting; and, notification of emerging trends. And there are advanced filtering, dashboarding and reporting capabilities that brands can apply to this insight. They can use advanced Boolean filters in topics, analysis, and themes to fully leverage news media by:

  • Source Category (ex. national & international, local)
  • Genre (ex. press release, interview)
  • Quality (ex. top tier, mid-tier & niche publications)
  • Additional filters for entities, topic groups (ex. lifestyle), and topics (ex. fashion)

This data set expansion enhances every use case, from brand health and campaign tracking to crisis monitoring and key opinion leader/influencer identification. The ability to track news media coverage and its pull-through on social media, opens a new window through which brands can see what is resonating with potential consumers – and why.

Complete Guide to Social Media Analytics

Data Set Insight in Action

For example, when exploring insight around the Pandemic Recovery conversation, a search with and without LexisNexis news media data reveals details that brands could otherwise overlook. And this is particularly true as brands would not typically have the ability to combine both consumer and news data sets in one platform (not to this extent), and would need to look at each data set in isolation. And also – the level of accuracy in NetBase is unparalleled. This is backed up by our best-in-class transparency. Check it out:

When explored together, we can see “recovery plans” figuring prominently (last item listed); and, when explored without LexisNexis, we see “working” replace that bit of insight:


This could be a significant find for a brand, as the conversation here hinges on the need for recovery plans to include a “sustainable development agenda.” And consumers overwhelmingly react positively to this, with associated words like “vital” and “excellent” describing it. We know this because we can click through, to a granular level, to see precisely which posts/people are feeding an analysis:


And when we explore the conversation around “working,” another set of key insights are revealed. For illustrative purposes, we take this search a bit further, by filtering the consumer sentiment around “work” to open the “greater” widget to grab some conversational context:


As you can see, it not only shows us what was said, but by whom – and where.

The examples above are two very simple searches, scratching the surface of the depths of analyses that brands are always amazed to have access to. And now, they have even more. To say that NetBase social media analytics gives your brand a competitive edge is an understatement.

Gain a Competitive Edge

This near real-time analysis of high-quality news media coverage combined with social media coverage and engagement offers brands confidence that they will never miss a story, trend, or insight. But more than that – confidence that they’ll understand what the real story is behind the tweet. Where it’s originating, why, and who is behind it. And to have this insight immediately, along with the ability to evaluate the source with equal efficiency.

Immediate, actionable and accurate visibility across the entire company for brand management, crisis response, and trending news topics without the need to jump between multiple products to pull all your data together – that is what NetBase Quid offers. And we’re always a step ahead of competitors to make sure you will be too! We’re scheduling demos today – reach out!

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