Though Instagram isn’t a fit for every brand out there, for many it’s the #1 channel to master. But how do you do that when the rules of the road seem to change as fast as your Instagram feed?

The answer is simple – by using social analytics tools able to keep pace with the image-driven channel. If you think just any social analytics platform would be up to the task, think again. Here’s what you need – and why.

Nuanced Language and Sentiment Analysis

Authenticity is everything when you interact with social consumers – and every interaction counts. From your posts, campaigns, responses to comments, customer service interactions – it all has to feel human and individualized to every consumer.

The only way to accomplish that is with tools capable of deciphering human language in all its nuanced glory. This includes global languages (think English, French, Mandarin, etc.), but also regional distinctions, slang, netspeak, pop culture phrases, hashtags, and visual language like emojis.

In addition, you need to understand what’s behind the words – i.e., consumer emotions. Positivity and negativity matter, but so does the intensity of those emotions. That’s how you triage the conversations that should take priority.

It’s also how you identify influencers – who are very important players on Instagram. In a land where authenticity rules, and visuals are everything, a familiar and beloved face showing how your products are part of their lifestyle can be brand-defining.

Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepherd demonstrating the Skyn Iceland life…

Next Gen AI for Real-Time Analysis

Social sentiment gleaned from Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the foundation of your social data – but it’s useless if it doesn’t come in real-time. Getting there first is paramount when it comes to capturing social consumers via trends. You can’t do that if your insights require manual sifting. Even a few hours could be too long.

Something to look for is analytics tools powered by Next Generation Artificial Intelligence (AI). This should comprise a multi-faceted approach to AI technology – allowing for a comprehensive and cohesive result.

Next Gen AI doesn’t just make your data faster – it makes it more accurate, more transparent, and more manageable. At least, ours does – and it’s state-of-the-art. Settling for less is, well, settling for less. And consumers can sense when your game is less than on-point.

Image Analytics

This might seem a little “Captain Obvious” when talking about a social network that’s all about images, but you’d be surprised at the social analytics tools that do not include top-notch image analytics.

You might also be surprised to learn just how much image analytics have evolved in the past few years – even the past year. Tools worth their salt include analytics around:

  • Scene recognition: indoors, outdoors, at a restaurant, etc.
  • Object recognition: a dog, a bike, a taco, a plane
  • Facial recognition: gender, age, smiles, frowns, etc.
  • Geographic recognition: the mountains, the desert, the ocean, Paris, San Francisco
  • Logo recognition: your brand’s logo, spoofs of your logo, other brands’ logos

This tells you so much about the content your audience craves, what your competitors are sharing (and how they’re faring), and more. And it puts it all in context, which is crucial to both understanding what’s being said and communicating back to your audience in relevant, authentic ways.

Instagram API Support

Instagram has rolled out several changes to their API – with some very big ones this past December – and not all brands had a smooth transition.

Changes to the way data pools are accessed, the number of calls to the API per authorized user, and the type of data you have access to, among others, may have thrown unprepared brands for a loop.

It’s important to choose tool providers committed to evolving as quickly as Instagram – or any other social network – does, so you do not lose momentum.

If your tools didn’t weather the storm very well, consider what will happen with future changes – and jump ship now. Social analytics providers committed to innovation and keeping pace with all changes to the social landscape exist. They’re the ones you want on your team.

Real Brands in Real Trouble

The “speed of social” has been cited so much it’s almost become cliché. Still, it’s no less true – and nothing drives that home faster than feeling the effects yourself. But you don’t have to actually experience it if you can learn from others instead.

The next post in our Instagram Series will highlight how brands lost out due to that disconnect between the speed of their tools’ evolution, and the speed of Instagram’s updates – and ways some other tools dropped the ball. We don’t want you to be someone else’s learning curve, so be sure to watch for it. And in the meantime, make sure you’ve got all the boxes above checked with your social analytics tools.

Need an upgrade to Next Gen AI boosted analytics? We’ve got you covered! Ask us for a customized demo so you can see just how.


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