European’s Favorite Ice Cream and Gelato Flavors, Ranked by Social Media [Infographic]

Kimberly Surico |
 09/03/18 |
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Wondering what flavors your favorite European country favors? We were too! So, much like our US-focused exploration of this riveting topic, we decided Europe required its own social sentiment analysis of ice cream flavors! But we didn’t stop there, we took a deep dive into gelato as well. The results may surprise you . . . and make you crave a sugary snack.

We analyzed 1.2 million social media posts, containing 1.4 million mentions of this frosty treat to sort out which flavors Europeans love the most. Europe is a big place and we couldn’t cover every location in one infographic (without making you squint), so we focused on ten countries to power our narrative.

Why these ten? They weren’t chosen at random or because we like them best, but were the top ten by share of mentions. We have the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, Sweden and Belgium.

Do these European countries love ice cream and gelato the most? They’re the ones dominating online conversation around it, that’s for sure!

Does everyone love chocolate the best? Well, mostly – yes! But strawberry is giving vanilla a run for its money, with coffee trailing closely behind. Check it out:

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You may have noticed there were a few significant results that fell outside of our parameters but deserved mention. Finland and Romania, which didn’t make our top ten, offered a solid showing for Coconut and Banana flavors, respectively. And then the UK had a fifth top contender that was just edged out for its country’s fourth place by Cookie Dough! Which flavor was that? Peanut Butter!

Coconut may sound off, but it’s pretty tame considering some ice cream Instagram posts we uncovered during our search . . .

Pickles and Ice Cream, Anyone?

So why care what kind of ice cream different people favor? The competitive intelligence (if you’re in the food game) is priceless, as there are so many ways to pair ice cream with things.

Weird, unexpected things.

The Net Sentiment (measure of emotion from -100 to +100) we see in Europe has ice cream coming in at 82%, and that’s a whole lotta love to take advantage of. In this time of trending topics of the ‘not so good’ variety, having a sure thing to tweet or post about isn’t bad to have in your back pocket, at the least – and a way to potentially create a new category at best.

Sorting out new combinations to pair your product with, while discovering new niche audiences is such a valuable ability to have – and it’s precisely what you’re able to uncover when exploring sentiment.

A simple search of ice cream on Netbase Pro, reveals people eating ice cream for breakfast:

And with hot Cheetos:

And we also uncovered relevant connections to all things maternity, which is always a growing segment:

Or to those struggling with eating disorders and recovery. Brands, particularly an ice cream brand, could win big with this audience by focus on all foods as good and helping de-emphasize the traditional ‘ice cream as a caloric taboo’ mindset that plagues those battling it and society as a whole. Win-win there!

And even beverages could get on board, offering drinks that taste like ice cream.

Even better? Finding connections that wouldn’t have revealed themselves without image analytics.

Uncovering Secret Admirers

It won’t always be obvious, you know – those who love your ice cream, or shoes or service may not always explicitly say as much. They could be coy about it. They often are!

They may tweet a thumbs up in front of your storefront after something exceptional happens, or may share pic and pic of people wearing your trademarked shoes that they “love so much!” with their 300k followers on Instagram. But you won’t know about any of this unless you’re using a tool that offers image analysis.

And with how visual everything has become, you can be certain understanding imagery is quickly becoming just as important as accurately parsing emojis and sarcasm.

In this ice cream infographic, for example, Instagram was by far the top spot for sharing ice cream love, offering 52% of our search results. So it’s certainly worth your time.

And with most of the ice cream conversation taking place during the summer, when many businesses experience a sales slump, what better time to try your hand as some sentiment sleuthing? It’s good to budget for year-round though . . . like ice cream.

Contact us for demo of our sentiment analysis tools! Reach out and we’ll customize something amazing for your brand!



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