What can you learn when you analyze the love consumers share for your brand? That’s what our latest Brand Passion Report 2016: Top 50 European Brand Love List explores.

Measuring love offers both insight into how consumers view your brand positively while also enabling the evaluation of that intensity.  It reveals where you should focus your own passion when it comes to marketing strategies and more.

For example, examining English language data across 5 million earned mention posts from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016, we found 10% of the top 50 most-loved European brands were tech brands. And yet, these five brands – Google, Apple, SAP, Dyson, and Siemens – accounted for 64% of all European brand mentions.

What does that tell us? People love to talk tech. Consumer goods companies, on the other hand – including fashion, toy, and apparel brands – represented nearly half of the top 50, but only accounted for 18% of mentions. So while consumers love the 23 brands in this category, they don’t talk about them as often on social.

Knowing this presents an opportunity for these brands to step up their social game to inspire more interaction.

Love across locations

There’s more to consider as strategies are being honed, however. When we looked at the UK and France as individual locations, versus part of the whole, we gained additional insights into these consumers.

In the UK, consumer goods companies represented 28% of the region’s most-loved brand, with Lego taking the prize for most loved brand. Even more specifically, there was a lot of excitement about #StarWars themed Legos – which is a great audience segment to target with individualized messaging that would differ from a segment interested in other Lego themes.

Just as Europe overall, UK consumers are wild about tech brands, which comprised 12% of the top UK brands and 63% of mentions, with particular love for Apple and Google.

But the United Kingdom also loves cars! Even so, the nine brands that made the Top 25 only represented 16% of the overall conversation. Again, the love is there, but it’s not stimulating social conversation. It’s time for brands like BMW, Ferrari, and Audi – top-loved in the UK – to find out why and do something about it.

Meanwhile in France, consumer goods companies have a bigger hold, representing 37% of the top 25 and 30% of industry mentions. Dior is most beloved in the consumer goods category, taking the fourth spot in the top 25. Conversations for the brand centered around consumers’ pure love (“adorer”) for Dior, as well as their upcoming summer line (“Bourgeois Cool”) and perfect muse (“égérie parfait”), Rihanna. More audience segments to explore for personalized outreach.

dior word cloud


And again, tech was a popular topic. Apple and Google took the #1 and #2 spots, respectively, on the most-loved French brands list, garnering 8% of the industry spread, with 33% of mentions. There’s something for other brands to learn here.

Brand see, brand do

This is one of the reasons we love compiling these reports – to uncover surprising trends among consumers, and see what we can learn from where brands fall in line compared to where they think they should be.

One thing brands can and should use social listening for is to keep an eye on competitors on social. Social data isn’t just meant to provide benchmarks for your own brand – it’s a resource for gaining a peek at competing brand strategies, or even competing industry strategies.

If consumers love talking about tech (i.e., devices, appliances, etc.), look for an audience segment where tech and your brand cross, and get in on those conversations. If consumers aren’t responding to your marketing campaigns or engagement tactics, check in on your competitors to see what they’re responding to there – and offer up something similar.

For example, though airlines are often subject to major social complaining, British Airways did make the UK’s top 25 most-loved brands – and they’re the only airline that did. What are they doing right? That’s something other airlines should be investigating by analyzing consumer sentiment on social media.

In France, transportation brands tied with tech as the third most-loved industry in the top 25. Air France at #13 and Airbus at #19 are the ones French airline brands should emulate. But both France and the UK could do better at bolstering brand awareness and love, receiving only 4% and 1% of mentions, respectively. There’s always more to reach for.

And there are many more insights in the NetBase Brand Passion Report 2016: Top 50 European Brand Love List, so download your copy today to find out where your brand sits, or how you can apply the same lessons to your own social strategy. After all, all’s fair in love and marketing.

For a personalized look at how NetBase surfaces consumer sentiment, get in touch for a demo!  

Image from Rhiannon McKinley

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