Estee Lauder Battles Maskne & Wins Consumer Love

The world is changing and 2020 has offered lots of opportunities for cosmetics brands to transform with it. And many are – making decisions informed by social media listening and consumer intelligence, often with practical purposes. For example, Estee Lauder and others are offering products to help consumers battle “maskne” and are winning consumer love for it.

We’ll discuss all things beauty and trendy here today, including:

  • Maskne – 2020’s newest foe
  • Shifting gears to win favor for new skin care
  • The newest in beauty trend that’s mask-inspired

And telling statistics to keep in mind as we explore are:

  • Daily average orders for eyeshadow are up 64%
  • The worth of the global beauty industry is currently at $532 billion
  • Face creams are expected to be the biggest revenue-drivers through 2025
  • The anti-acne serum market is expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2026

beauty and cosmetics trends report

Maskne Rears Its Ugly Head

As if acne wasn’t bad enough, here comes maskne! This “ring of fire” is skin irritation that forms in and around the mask area. Faces are covered all day, every day, and healthcare workers, grocers and anyone working 9-5 is experiencing this terrible byproduct of our new normal.

And consumers are talking about the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. Luckily consumer intelligence is informing companies, as they race to provide lasting relief.

Exploring our company dataset in Quid Pro, we can see who is striving to make a footprint in this time sensitive race for acne absolution. Our heatmap shows the aggregate stats by cluster for companies that have invested in the cosmetics game since 2016. There are 625 companies represented with a total of 22.9B investments received:


By clicking on Makeup and Skin Care, we can see there are 49 companies represented with $575M in total investment, and Unilever Ventures Limited is a top investor.


And we can also see what may be destined for shelves soon as well! Our patents dataset allows us to sort and tag, locating patents that are specific to Acne, Skin Care Products, Masks and Cleansers. Our highlighted nodes show where these are on our map.


These nodes are all explorable, giving way to intel on when these patents were filed and exactly what they are. For example, we can see this anti-acne composition patent was applied for in July of 2020 in China:


Looking closely, we see that the goal of this product is to regulate excess sebum secretion, which is what leads to acne. This should help with maskne.

Knowing what products are coming of age is critical to knowing what areas are over/under saturated or what niche your brand can fulfill. After all, the global worth of the beauty industry is currently at $532 billion – so there’s plenty of space to get involved, but it’s important to understand precisely where.

One brand that stands out in skincare industry’s battle against maskne, for example, is Estee Lauder.

beauty and cosmetics trends report

Winning Consumer Love with Skincare

With face creams expected to be the biggest revenue-drivers through 2025, and maskne a new, top concern – protecting consumer skin is a safe place to be. Estee Lauder’s Micro Essence is earning kudos for its ability to hydrate and protect skin. And our bar chart shows the volume of mentions and overall sentiment surrounding each offering. Estee Lauder is certainly doing something right!


The anti-acne serum market is expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2026 – which explains why Estee Lauder and others have shifted to meet this new demand. And love for their Advanced Night Repair Serum and their Daywear Matte Gel rates top mentions as well:


Influencers are talking as well. Bangladeshi model and actress Safa Kabir revealed her skin regimen on Tumblr and her Youtube Channel, with Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair and Daywear Matte making the list.


And with 672,961 views, it’s safe to say consumers are paying attention to what she says- making this star an ideal brand ambassador.

But when it comes to a sought-after face, it’s not just maskne that’s trending. With most of a face hidden behind a mask, the eyes have become increasingly important in the cosmetics industry too.

The Eyes Have It

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and in pandemic times they have been the number one communicative feature.

Looking to competitive intelligence to illuminate the role these soul-windows play, we can see the ebb and flow of conversation around makeup. It’s filled with articles and blogs talking about how lipstick is out, and eyeshadow is in.


And this is really an understatement. Research indicates lip gloss has seen a 9% increase, however daily average orders for eyeshadow are up 64%.

Clicking on our Beauty Brands segment we can immediately see what’s happening behind the scenes in beauty. False eyelashes are all aflutter and makeup companies are shifting perspectives.


And Instagram posts confirm this fad, with people offering up their best “eye candy” and getting creative.


So, maskne and eye candy to round out 2020 – who would have guessed? No brand is safe to rest on assumptions, that much is clear. Changing times require brands to transform with them. And you’re able to do so if you have the right tools informing you along the way of emerging trends or shifting attitudes.

Be sure to reach out for a demo and see what consumer intelligence can show you as we kick off 2021!

beauty and cosmetics trends report

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