Understanding the emerging market landscape in Europe-02

The coronavirus pandemic has been the most severe global disruption since World War II and is the first worldwide public health crisis of the modern era. The Covid-19 predicament has dealt major blows to industries, caused multiple businesses to shut shop, and has plunged leading economies into recession.  

However, there’s opportunity in adversity and the world has seen numerous companies crop up since the last year to respond to the disarray and spark resilience. 

European Companies Capturing Market Share 

In order to paint this emerging market landscape and discover players driving the corporate metamorphosis in Europe, NetBase Quid analysed ~2500 companies that have been founded in Europe since 2020. 

emerging market cluster view in Quid

As we can see in the Quid Companies network snapshot above, the highest representation stems from Advertising & Marketing companies. This cluster features companies whose core competencies are built around digital & strategy marketing, social media marketing and marketing automation. Notable companies include: 

  • 10 Days London:Produces brand building adverts from concept creation to delivering the final edit, all within 10 days! 
  • BannerBoo: A creative management platform for marketers who need to create engaging high CTR ads.
  • HandleDroid: A website that allows brands and professionals to set up alerts for when a desired username becomes available on social media.

This sample set showcases how Europe-based companies are inventively striving to meet the brand equity needs of companies and individuals. The Advertising & Marketing companies are followed by players focusing on Business Intelligence tools, in terms of volume, that are focused on delivering value by upholding productivity levels in remote, work-from-home scenarios. Airdesk.ai, founded in Loulé, Portugal, offers a collaborative platform inspired by methods such as scrum & agile and includes process automation to assure that every part of the business is running as expected in the actual ”work from home” context. London-based Riff Technologies Limited develops a voice-first chat tool for remote collaboration in real-time, helping users to communicate across different locations. 

And consumers are keen to acquire these business intelligence tools. When exploring conversation in Europe, we see that they’re seeking tools to help them learn and more intuitively managing time and resources. Remote collaboration, automation and voice-first tools meet this need. 

word cloud about business intelligence tools

European Company Categories & Countries 

While many of the companies are tackling challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic to businesses and individual consumers, business descriptions of 37 companies contain keywords such coronavirus, Covid-19 or pandemic. Expectedly, most of the companies form a part of the Digital Health and Medical devices, Therapy & Treatment clusters. What’s intriguing is companies hailing from the Gaming, Human Resources and Travel, Hospitality & Tourism clusters also find a place in this list.  

  • Bio Blast is a free mobile game company, similar to Candy Crush, that fights coronavirus by directing all profits to corona relief.  
  • Tiber is a Polish startup that aims to solve unemployment issues and the new market realities caused by Covid-19 by extending a two-sided marketplace that changes the conventional approach to hiring individuals as well as searching for day-to-day jobs directly from clients.  
  • TripLegend is a startup from Berlin that offers COVID-safe and sustainable small group adventures for millennials 

324-headquarters (1)

The Quid Companies dataset enables us to dissect the firms as per the Countries in which they’re headquartered. United Kingdom has been the hotbed of new companies formed in Europe since 2020, followed by Germany and France. The driving line of operation among all the 4 of the top 5 countries, UK, Germany, France and Netherlands, has been Advertising & Marketing. Spain, however, presents an interesting exception to the norm. Within Spain, Business Intelligence tools and Digital Health clusters have seen the highest number of firms come to light.  

Examples included Madrid-based Zendit which is a conversational email application specialized in task management and Balneario-based Rosita Longevity that serves as a coach aiming to help seniors increase their healthy lifespan and avoid the risk of dependency. 

Investors Fuelling Corporate Growth in Europe 

324-top-10-investors (1)

The Quid software allows us to pivot to a bar chart displaying top 10 investors to help us understand who is fuelling the corporate growth in Europe.  

  • Antler, a Singapore-based venture capital firm specializing in early-stage global startups, has been lured the most to the emerging market landscape of Europe as it has made the highestnumber of investments, by count.  
  • Antlerhas a had a rather diverse portfolio with investments ranging from EdTech to LawTech  
  • Seedcamp, a venture capital firmfrom UK, has actively funded Digital Health companies – one such player is We Are Mind Labs Ltd, a digital mental health company that develops and manufactures wearable EEG headbands.  
  • StartupWise Guys was the sole investor among the top 10 that financed a couple of cybersecurity companies, Idyllum Labs and GuardIoT 
  • AGORANOV, a public Science & Tech incubator based in Paris, has strategically channelized its investments towards biotechnologyfirms – MadeCELLKimialys and Okomera. 

324-categories (1)

The 2,448 analysed companies that were founded in Europe since 2020 have received $4.6in investments. Some clusters have attracted far more investments than others. Industrial Manufacturing & 3D printing players have cumulatively raised $1.6B. A key driver has been GTR Management Services Limited that operates build-to-suit data centers and allows global hyperscalers to develop facilities primarily in European markets.  

The next cluster in line is Finance, Insurance & Payments technology which comprises Inigo Limited, a company that provides specialty re-insurance and insurance products. The following cluster, Cloud Computing & Data services, is propelled by Ki Insurance, which engages in developing enterprise cloud platform for insurance brokers. 

While the pandemic has shaken up the industry incumbents and exposed the technology laggards, it has also given birth to the innovators of the future. The Quid Companies dataset can power such well-rounded market intelligence analyses, help you gauge the latest companies in your respective industries and track emerging trends as well as segments that are gaining steam and attracting high investments.  

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