The 2019 EMEA Social Media Market Survey Report

Is your brand doing everything it should be to capture the EMEA market? Our 2019 EMEA Social Media Market Survey Report answers that question, and more.

It presents findings from a comprehensive survey of 588 senior EMEA marketers, sharing what they’re doing to get and stay ahead of competitors, and how you can do the same. A preview of its findings follow . . .

Fueling EMEA Market Growth in Challenging Times

The EMEA economy has experienced an economic leveling in recent years, with industrial production in EMEA on a downward trend since 2018. And brands in every category need to become omnipresent and create eCommerce offerings to counter the loss.

This has already begun, with expanded cloud and technological capabilities. But businesses will face unnecessary additional challenges without strategic analytics powering their recovery attempts. It can help them:

  • Identify new markets to explore and reduce dependence on existing markets
  • Expand globally, beyond current localized focus
  • Develop skills to compete in a variety of categories, with a much shorter learning curve
  • Better plan for market fluctuations, by spotting and monitoring trends
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Better understand customer experience and the consumer journey

And that last bullet will drive ways to reconnect with consumers and re-energize confidence. This will be essential to continued growth.

Businesses have their work cut out for them. And those counting savvy marketers among their numbers have a head start, as revealed in our EMEA survey report! We’ll see how EMEA marketing masters, spanning a wide swath of categories, are using social insight to generate awareness and grow in these challenging times.

And how these marketers view analytics is telling . , .

Savvy EMEA Senior Marketer Insight

EMEA marketers are conquering these mountains with guidance obtained from their Next Generation Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered social analytics. AI analytics offers brands the precise insight they need to inform campaigns and competitor comparisons, and future social media marketing efforts too.

In the report, we offer detailed intel around the ways EMEA marketers view the analytics options available to them, sharing how and why they use this data for a variety of tactics, including:

  • Targeted audience engagement
  • Real-time crisis tracking and response
  • Customer care
  • Brand health management

And more.

We also share insight around the makeup of these business leaders’ teams, including who manages social in these category-defining organizations and why it matters.

For example, delving into the teams themselves, the survey report explores the size and scope of these teams as well. How many marketers make up and optimal team size, in their estimation? We analyze the good, bad and ugly around those results:

EMEA Survey Report exploring the size and scope of marketing teams

Beyond team size, we explore a wide variety of industries and agencies, as well as company size. 51% of our respondents were from companies reporting more than 50 million to over €1 billion in annual revenue. We have a robust sample size sharing insight in this survey report. We also explore the percentage of spend each devotes to the marketing tactics defined above to help you benchmark your own efforts.

Which social listening tactics do they find themselves directing most of their energy toward? And which provide the best ROI? Download the report to see what they think, but we will share this: The ROI portion of the conversation is where things get tricky for many marketers.

Survey Report Shows C-suite Disconnect Between Social Analytics & ROI

Online has created the ability to generate greater ROI – in theory. The opportunities are endless, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to capture. Understanding the intel offered by all sources of structured and unstructured data is becoming table stakes in the race to the top.

Marketing leaders surveyed understand the importance of social analytics. They also understand the importance of being able to derive meaningful insight from this data. And we consistently hear – and see here – that brands expect analytics as part of the marketing package, there’s no way around that:

EMEA Market Survey Report reveals that brands expect analytics as part of the marketing package


They also expect sophisticated social media analysis capabilities. 92% of survey report respondents agree social media analytics are an essential business development tool. And they’re right. With terabytes of data available, ad hoc solutions are akin to pen and paper as the primary mode for corporate accounting.

But that doesn’t mean these businesses are attributing the successes they experience from sophisticated social analytics to the social analytics!

Where does this leave us? We see most of our survey report respondents sharing that social media analytics absolutely makes their campaigns more successful. But a startling percentage of respondents aren’t sure about it. And these businesses will be easy pickings in the coming months, if they don’t make up their minds quickly!

Download the report to learn what’s holding them back. Seeing other businesses’ hesitancy (or bold action) can help your business better understand its own struggles and move past them. Or it may inspire you to charge forward. Either way, if you’re left with any questions, like “how can I get started with social listening?” – be sure to contact us for a demo.

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