2020 Election Trends & Insights Through a Social Lens

The 2020 United States Presidential Election is in the home stretch and brands are being pushed and pulled in every direction along with the candidates. Our 2020 Election Trends & Insights Through a Social Lens Report reveals the issues voters care most about as a collective community, and how brands can capture consumer hearts – and loyalty! We have a preview of the report below.

Social media features a lot of polarizing political conversation – and brands are feeling pressured to react, which is challenging as they’re unsure of how political participation will shake out for them. And with a list full of highly charged topics, such as the pandemic and human rights, getting this wrong is not an option.

election trends through social media lens

Understanding Consumers’ Top Concerns

Brands need to understand how their consumer segments are affected by and reacting to political concerns, as consumer experience forms the basis of all leading brands’ strategic decision-making. In our report, we highlight important questions brands are challenging themselves to answer, including:

  • What are consumers talking about as we head into November?
  • How have brands participated in the conversation?
  • How have societal demands shifted throughout the year as unprecedented events unfold?
  • Can we pinpoint how that conversation shifts by gender, and by which candidate certain demographics support?

In NetBase Quid, we can sort out the answers to these questions with powerful next generation AI-powered consumer intelligence and market intelligence. Aggregating structured and unstructured data from all reaches of the social web, as well as news media and the latest company investment and patent insights, we extract and organize conversational clusters and consumer social media sentiment. The analyses offered are exceptionally complete, allowing brands to dig in to the data down to an unexpectedly granular level.

Why “unexpected?” When brands come to us after having used other consumer data intelligence offerings, they are unaccustomed to the transparency and accuracy we provide. This report shows our analyses in action, starting with theme identification.

Core Themes Uncovered

There are more than 600M posts about this election so far this year, split almost evenly between the candidates. And within these conversations, themes emerge, including:

  • Coronavirus
  • Racism
  • Economy
  • Healthcare
  • Riots/Civil Unrest
  • Women’s Issues
  • Immigration
  • Gun Control/Rights
  • Taxes
  • Unemployment/Jobs
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Climate Change

And we can explore each through the lens of passion intensity and engagements per post:

passion-and-engagements-in-election-report viewed through social lens

But that offers only a fraction of our answer, as we must contextualize each further to get to the heart of what is driving this passion and these interactions beyond the top issues, how they rank, and the overall sentiment by political parties. Although that is all extremely important, it’s really only surface insight – and is where most tools stop.

election trends through social media lens

Extracting Actionable Insight for Any Brand Category

Rather, we’ve captured a microcosm within the overarching conversations to demonstrate the many ways that any brand, in any category can slice and dice the data to extract relevant, real-time and actionable intel to inform your next move. We introduce you to the depths of consumer intelligence and market intelligence available for exploration.

We also highlight a variety of different analysis approaches—both from a broad election perspective, and by exploring key sub-segments. We’ve created analyses around:

  • How celebrities and brands like Lyft and Coach are influencing the election
  • A substantive case study around a key voter issue: the universal health care conversation
  • Finding sentiment drivers behind the most polarizing areas of conversation as related to the election at-large
  • Combining AI discovery + deep dive assessment to paint a full picture
  • And ways brands and agencies can use this analysis to inform their decisions

And the insight offers a roadmap for marketers, agencies and even consumers seeking to explore the conversation drivers behind the key issues that are shaping the election.

How to Use This Report

Brands and agencies are trying to understand how policy issues may affect them moving forward. We created this report with a few key audiences in mind, though it’s widely applicable to those who may not fit neatly in any category. We hear regularly from current and potential customers occupying roles such as:

  • Risk Specialists who seek to stay ahead of polarizing issues in the event their brand gets sucked into one
  • Content Planners looking for the best ways to recognize and engage with customers around issues they care about
  • Brand Managers assessing how their categories could change pending election results

For each of them, and really for any consumer-facing category, the analyses highlighted in the report offer a window to consumer mindset, loyalty and most importantly – maintaining brand health through it all.

Because odds are, even if your brand has not been touched by any bit of this election process so far, it will be in some way – and it may be in a way you can’t even predict coming for you.

Regularly monitoring consumer intelligence, market intelligence and media intelligence ahead of that happening is your best way to keep your organization informed and prepared to pivot as need be. Be sure to download the 2020 Election Trends & Insights Through a Social Lens Report to learn more and reach out with any questions, or to schedule a demo relevant to you!

election trends through social media lens

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