5 brands boosting ecommerce buzz 

Times are uncertain right now. Most people are still sheltering in place, brick-and-mortar shopping has come to a halt, and almost everything we considered to be normal has since vanished. But as time goes on, the world has seemingly adapted to the new normal. And we’re sharing five brands that are beating the odds and winning eCommerce buzz during a global pandemic. Quite a feat!

Here’s who they are and ways you can emulate what they’re doing . . .

TRX Takes Working Out at Home to a New Level

TRX is known as the leader in movement and provides world-class equipment, training and education to empower people across the globe.

Starting in April, not too long after stay-at-home orders were put into place because of COVID-19, TRX made their professional education courses virtual and free of charge via Zoom. They did this to reach more consumers who are working out at home amidst social distancing. 

Looking at the spikes below, we can see that they happened (the spikes) right around the time that this premium content became free. And again when they began rolling out on TRX’s social media channels. 


And looking at demographic data in our next generation AI-powered social media analytics, we can see that the most engaged demographic appears to be between 18 and 34. That’s valuable consumer intelligence to inform future campaigns:


During times like these – and anytime, really – it’s important for brands to be listening and staying ahead of their customer’s needs. And TRX is doing just that.

They are doing a great job maintaining their brand presence and keeping their audience engaged through social media campaigns like #TRXatHome. The approach encourages customers to tag their home workouts for a chance to be featured on TRX channels. And if we know anything about the generations they’re targeting, this is the right move! Hello, new followers!

Lululemon Knows Where Their Audience Is & How to Speak to Them

Lululemon is to the athleticwear industry as Cadillac is to the car industry. It’s high end. It’s wanted. And it’s… comfortable?

Walking into a Lululemon store and walking out with a reusable iconic bag with your new pants that may or may not see a yoga class is something that many millennial/gen-z females love to do. So, when the brand was forced to shut their doors and shift to online retail, Lululemon didn’t seem to skip a beat.

Budgets were shifted and digital ads were deployed in order to drive more ecommerce. But where was their target audience on social media and what were they talking about?

Thankfully getting this insight doesn’t require a lot of manual labor. You can use social media analytics and insights to make sure you are targeting the right people at the right time in the right places.

When analyzing a social media topic in the NetBase product, you can see many things like demographics, popular media, sentiment drivers and sources where your brand is being talked about across the web.

In the case of Lululemon, you’ll see that Twitter makes up majority of the space surrounding their brand.


Lululemon is very active on Twitter and they are there pushing out engaging and relatable content, like this –


Having the ability to drill down into search results is crucial, and we can help you with that so you can make the best decisions for your brand.

e.l.f Cosmetics Brings the Beauty to Your Home

Being under quarantine is a great time to experiment with makeup, wouldn’t you agree? Fortunately for the cosmetics industry, many consumers do – and e.l.f Cosmetics pivoted to a fully integrated online campaign to capture that energy.

And while many brands may be reducing marketing spend, e.l.f Cosmetics may just be starting to ramp up to reach their target audience who is going to be home for an undetermined amount of time. But how can they be sure that they are spending those dollars efficiently?

Our powerful suite of tools is able to aggregate social media data and analytics to pool together audience interests. This, in turn, helps brands expand the reach of their messaging and campaigns to further their marketing efforts.


Masonite – There When You Are Ready

Masonite is a home remodeling company targeting builders, designers and homeowners. And while many people may not be welcoming strangers into their homes for any reason any time soon, Masonite isn’t pulling back on digital display spend. Specifically, they are going after Gen-Z and millennials who are spending a lot more time watching HGTV and committing to DIY projects.

So how can Masonite be sure to stay top of mind with their target demographic to ensure they are going to be a top choice amongst their competitors?

Well, a competitive analysis is a great place to start. Community engagement is easy when you have the right tools helping you understand conversations to help you work towards your business goals.  

Here’s a glimpse at some of the data that you can see when comparing competitors to your brand. Beyond audience demographics and performing a content audit, you can look into how your mentions total, and how your sentiment and brand passion scores compare.


If you’re trending lower than your competitor, that is a red flag for potentially needing a shift in your strategy. And through powerful social media listening tools, you can uncover the insights and conversations in your industry that can help shape your future strategic decision making.

Thousand – Another Great Example of Strategy Pivoting

Urban bike accessory company, Thousand, is focusing their campaign efforts around Thousand’s mission. One that is rooted in sustainability and safety.


And their audience seems to be loving it!

Looking at the interests of the demographics surrounding this brand, it’s right on the nose of both what the company and their customers care about. This is more important now than ever, of course, as customers are watching how brands are engaging and reacting to COVID-19.

And what a brand pushes out on social media about how they are giving back and staying true to consumers/the world/their brand mission overall is much more valuable now than a sale. It’s consumer gold, and a currency that brands will be able to cash in at a yet to be determined (but hopefully soon) date!

Social listening is your key to revealing shifting consumer insight and capturing ecommerce love. Be sure to reach out for a demo to see how this looks for your brand, along with ways to differentiate during this super competitive time.


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