ecommerce brands winning with social insight

Able to stay one step ahead of consumers, offering what they want, when they want it, ecommerce brands using social insight have early access to consumer conversation and are winning market share. Let’s look at few companies and see how they did it.

Staying on top of today’s social commentary is vital to the heartbeat of any good business, company or brand. Afterall, what’s hip or ‘in’ is fleeting, being able to predict a shift in consumer thought is the difference in what keeps a brand thriving, and what kills it. Nutrisystem, an industry leader, is in it to win it.

Nutrisystem Wins using Advanced AI to Power Social Analytics

The U.S. Government reports that Americans spend 50 billion a year on diets and weight loss products. And with the Dietary Supplements Market to reach 210.3 Billion by 2026, Nutrisystem will be a part of that number that sees maximum profit due to their social listening expertise.

Armed with Advanced AI they were able to pick up on themes and topics being discussed via blogs, forums, social media and other data sources. And they noticed a theme among consumers: Keto.


eCommerce Consumers Kicking It with Keto

The Keto Diet isn’t new to the health trend scene, but has seen a huge resurgence in the past few years. The global ketogenic diet food market is forecasted to reach USD 12.35 billion in 2024.

Nutrisystem, being the parent company for South Beach Diet, scooped up the opportunity to showcase their nutrition system in a new way to appeal to more consumers. “Our goal is to make a keto-friendly lifestyle approachable for consumers who are looking for a place to start,” said Courtney McCormick, Manager, Clinical Research and Nutrition for South Beach Diet.

In 2019 Nutrisystem/South Beach Diet launched its new book, “The New Keto Friendly South Beach Diet.” It wasn’t out long before consumers started to post about it:


Ryan Baker, Social Care Manager, at Nutrisystem explained that by using NetBase to explore customer analytics, they were able to spot Keto as a diet trend which is expected to remain the top diet trend of 2020.


Each tweet and mention on social media are “small wins that equal big differences.” Not only does it show what’s resonating, but it also offers inspiration. For example, if you want to know what product to launch next, you can see what your consumers are asking for. That’s something Netflix did as well.

Using Social Listening to Spot New Ideas & Drive Revenue

In 2015, Netflix, a giant in media entertainment, used a little Advanced AI to listen to what their customers were saying, and what they found was frustration.

Falling asleep, binge-watching their favorite shows, customers were growing agitated upon waking, only to find show spoilers as their series continued to play as they slept on. Netflix recognized this as an under-served market and met the demand creating ‘Netflix Socks.’

This creation detects when the user is dozing off, sending a signal to the user’s TV and pauses the show.  Customers everywhere applauded.

Appreciating the benefit of using social listening, Netflix had this to say at the Shorty Awards, “When we aren’t posting, we’re listening, looking for the new trends igniting the entertainment world.”

Thanks to Next Generation AI, we can also see top emojis shared by Netflix users, and how many mentions Netflix had in the past month, allowing the company to see how they are perceived. And perception is everything online – and off:


Social Listening Opportunities Right Now

As eCommerce moves to the forefront of all sales for the indefinite future due to the Coronavirus, being able to tap into consumers emotions, thoughts and even fears can help a company better plan for its future sustainability. With social distancing on everyone’s mind, consumers are talking, and Instagram is listening.

This social media giant is quickly becoming a leader in eCommerce as more and more companies set up an online presence and advertise on its platform. Recognizing the need for people to be able to connect and socialize while in home quarantine, Instagram launched co-watching.

Accessed within the app by direct message, it allows users to browse posts together via video chat. As a group, users can like and even save posts together.

Using sentiment analysis, we can see Instagram consumers top emotions, words and emojis on the subject of co-watching:


The Better to See You

Being quarantined will undoubtedly encourage longer usage, where users can collect a good quantity of saved posts to share and promote more video calls that introduce more people to the app. And where brands can collect more insight around consumer usage. Filtering that insight through a powerful social analytics tool sounds like a smart idea, hmm? We know a place . . .

Co-watching will remain a powerful feature long after quarantine is lifted, bringing more business for the long haul. And all thanks to Instagram’s ability to do a little social listening and offer a needed service.

When you have the right tools, you can stay ahead of the game, prepare for the future and drive your business to success. Next Generation AI-powered Social Listening will boost your company’s social awareness and financial intelligence, ensuring you can ride out every bump with grace, as it does all the heavy lifting required. If this sounds like something your business needs – and it should, reach out for more information!

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