The eBoy and eGirl Anti-Everything Influence on Consumers

Kimberly Surico |
 12/30/19 |
3 min read

The eGirl and eBoy Anti-Everything Influence on Consumers

Influencer marketing is amazing for brands – and is a tactic this is potentially about to experience an upheaval. The eBoy and eGirl anti-everything influence on consumers is growing, but your brand may not be seeing it yet. Time to check it out and see what it involves – and who.

Gen Z – Predictably Unpredictable

eboy and egirl top hashtags

Much like every latest generation, Gen Z is the latest to offer its own take on reality. Also like segment that has come of age before it, the group as a whole, has very specific characteristics.

  • Digital Natives
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Diverse
  • Less Religious Identification
  • Blurry: Technology has blurred the lines between home and work, study and entertainment, and public and private – and gender.
  • Overwhelmed
  • Lonely
  • Progressive
  • Individualistic

And the eBoy/eGirl subculture category (there are always subculture categories) gets even more specific. An e-girl or e-boy is commonly sporting:

  • Dyed hair: Frequently, hair is dyed 50-50 between two colors. Sometimes, in pigtails.
  • Heavy black eyeliner: Dark, thick, winged eyeliner, and sometimes also applied right below each eye to make tiny shapes or icons.
  • Pink blush on nose and cheeks, and maybe some intense highlighter.
  • Jewelry: Septum or another facial piercing, and an O-ring collar or chain necklace.
  • Part anime-, part goth-inspired clothing: Long layered shirts (perhaps a band t-shirt over a striped long sleeve) or a crop top, belt-loop chains, and A-line skirts or high-waisted cargo pants.
  • Sad, moody music: Think Billie Eilish, or Twenty-One Pilots

But unlike its predecessors, these kids’ every move can be largely predicted with next generation AI-powered social analytics. And brands should thank their lucky stars for it.

Social Monitoring for The Next Move

With a focus on being disinterested and detached, as every teen group has been since the beginning of time, tracking the likes and wants of this group can feel impossible. But although they’re privacy aware and prefer to post anonymously with little identifying information, that really doesn’t affect social analytics’ capture as most channels only allow publicly available intel to be harnessed anyway!

Watching the conversation to see which terms are trending around the products they buy and the topics they talk about, creates an easily followed trail of breadcrumbs.

popular items hashtags offers trail of breadcrumbs for brands to follow

Well, it’s easy to follow when you’re working in a social analytics tool that offers transparent insight, that is

Importance of Transparent Analytics

You’ll see who is posting, when and where. When brands can click through to explore data points and understand the root of a series of mentions or a spike in sentiment, it makes all the difference in the world, as you can see from our exploration of “grunge” eBoy sound bites below!

Other tools do not offer this access, instead offering social analytics throw a “black box” methodology that’s not only limiting but suspect. Be sure to question how you can vet your results without access to this background insight!

grunge eboy sound bites

But back to transparent, accurate social analytics insight that we offer! It gives brands an ever-evolving list of what resonates and who, in this super edgy, elusive group, to add to their brand influencer or detractor lists. Each is equally able to sway conversation significantly with relatively little effort. And they know it.

They both disdain and flaunt their influence. Followers are obsessed, as if they were celebrities instead of moody kids recording TikTok videos in their bedrooms:

sentiment drivers for consumers obsessed with eboys and egirls

And brands should love them. Not every brand, of course – but in specific categories, one thousand times, yes. Fashion is one of those categories. As is makeup.

Fashion & Cosmetics Brands Should Love eBoys and eGirls

The top fashion search on Google in 2019 was around how to dress like egirl/eboy:

The e-girl’s influence on 2019 culture was solidified when Google released its annual “Year in Search” report. The end-of-year review showed that e-girls and e-boys were among the top trending fashion- and outfit-related search terms on Google this year.

And their makeup is just out of this world:

wild cosmetics applications by this gen z subcategory

Though, interestingly, they mostly only dress like this FOR online apparently (for the most part) – the subculture is much larger than what one sees on the street.

eboy culture mostly seen online and only onlinie

The sentiment they generate is pretty consistently impressive:

net sentiment is consistently positive and passionate

They’re super authentic and followers want to replicate their looks, which could lead brands to experiencing exceptional conversion rates for items they advertise:

followers want to replicate their looks, which could lead brands to experiencing exceptional conversion rates for items they advertise

The trick is – how does one connect with a reluctant influencer? The answer: by monitoring who they are beneath the persona, and what they post about as the persona and connecting with them as authentically as they connect with their followers.

Capturing insight about influencers is just as easy – and useful – as capturing insight about consumers when you’re using the right social analytics tool. And when you have a team of product specialists ready to show you how – which we are! Reach out for a demo

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