EasyJet Takes Proactive Approach to Travel Changes

Travel will look very different in the coming months and Easyjet is taking a proactive approach to getting out ahead of these changes. They seek to accommodate even the youngest of travelers by offering comic book inspired face coverings to make wearing masks a little less intimidating. But that’s far from the whole story. Let’s take a look!

It is not easy to understand what will work best for customers when faced with scenarios that are brand new. This is where social listening comes in. It has become crucial to understanding how the optimal consumer experience (CX) should look, and in helping businesses decide next steps. In this CX snapshot, we’ll share:

  • A high-level overview of what the travel industry looks like post COVID-19 and what those changes mean for your brand
  • How consumers feel about existing and pending changes, and how you can monitor sentiment to ensure your brand strategy has the right tone and messaging around it
  • Measuring share of voice, to ensure you are staying top-of-mind in these consumer conversations

And we’ve uncovered key intelligence that is of interest to all travel brands, including:

  • Although consumers are eager to travel, it may take a year before any sense of normalcy returns, from a financial standpoint
  • The airline travel industry faces a whopping $252 billion in lost revenue
  • Airlines are taking extreme safety measures, including reduced capacity on flights


The New Face of Travel . . . Masks

Fewer flights. Limited seat selections. Temperature checks. These are just some of the things to expect when traveling by air in the foreseeable future. But headlines are focused on the required face coverings consumers will need to wear each time they fly.

Airport traffic has dropped as much as 92%. And while some passengers are eager to travel, projections are showing that it could be close to a year, if not longer, before things get back to the normal we once knew.

The conversation surrounding airline travel and face masks is fairly large.


As you dive into each of these clusters you’ll uncover data about what travel will look like in the coming months and things you can do to make consumers’ travel experiences smoother.

But it’s not enough to understand the conversation from a news and blog perspective. You need to understand what your consumers are saying about these news and blog articles – and how they feel. And this is where social media listening comes into play. Accurate consumer insight must inform every strategic business decision, or you’re playing with fire, particularly now.

Currently, the overall sentiment around new travel requirements is swaying slightly negative from a consumer standpoint.


People are apprehensive about traveling, while others are wondering why it took a pandemic for airlines to implement seemingly common sense safety procedures.


But masked flying (as a requirement) is new – and EasyJet is listening. They’re proactively attempting to ease the anxiety for its youngest flyers. Taking inspiration from comic-books, EasyJet has introduced fun facemask covers. But that’s not all . . .

EasyJet Makes Travel Easy!

Many airlines, including EasyJet, have begun rolling out safety protocols in hopes of attracting their customer base back. Those protocols include:

  • Temperature checks
  • Encouraging frequent hand sanitizing and washing
  • Digital boarding passes
  • Reduced plane capacity


Travel safety measures don’t stop when you disembark either. We see retail shops and restaurants moving to limited brick and mortar capacity or completely outside experiences. Hotels are limiting the number of guests, with increased cleaning in high touch points while reducing the frequency of house keeping to prevent spreading germs.

And with all of these changes come questions and uncertainty from consumers. So, it’s important to be on top of your conversation in your vertical to stay ahead of the game. And to have a good sense of your share of voice.


Monitoring Sentiment & Share of Voice

Looking at the chart below, we see that compared to its competitors, EasyJet has the highest share of voice at 50%. This is a 61% increase from the last 12-month period.


Monitoring Share of Voice is important to the success of a business, as it measures the relative distribution of press coverage across your competitive set within the topic or market category. Brands can monitor Share of Voice over time, watch for changes or trends, and drill into what’s driving those changes through summarization, topic trends, and sentiment analysis.

And monitoring Share of Voice from a consumer perspective by running a crosstab analysis in NetBase helps brands do just that!

Comparing EasyJet to two of its largest competitors, we can see that EasyJet has the second highest number of mentions.


Without context, we could assume that EasyJet needs to get out there more and capture more mentions – but that’s without knowing if they’re capturing meaningful mentions. And right now, there’s a good bit of negative buzz about class action lawsuits happening there! Not all buzz is good buzz!


It’s a matter of quality over quantity, and it’s crucial to have a handle on the context behind the insight. And this is precisely what digital consumer and market intelligence provides. Reach out for a demo and we can show you how to help ensure that your positive efforts aren’t overshadowed by negative news!


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