Brands Use Consumer Intelligence to Inform Early Black Friday Sales

Brands have an early start on Black Friday this year, as they’ve read the market tea leaves and know that getting goods delivered on time is going to be challenging. They’ve also been paying close attention to consumer intelligence, as it informs the timing of their Black Friday and other promotions. Hopefully your brand is doing the same!

To get ahead of the impending consumer displeasure, and meet anticipated supply and delivery challenges, some savvy brands are getting creative with early Black Friday offers. Let’s see how these are landing in both social and news media, and how consumers feel about it all!


Creative Offers from Brands

The big brands are out in full force offering a variety of deals on what wares they do have in stock. Consumer intelligence can tell us if some are holding out for better sales, and we can get ahead of that to prevent their inevitable disappointment with clear messaging. There just isn’t inventory available to justify deeper discounts for most things and brands must make sure consumers understand that. For the most part, they seem to!

The Xbox is already sold out, which is par for the course in pandemic recovery times or no. There are entire sites focused on tracking these items down, in fact.And places like Best Buy are encouraging early purchases by offering a price match to help consumers hedge their bets against losing out on a better price. The message is clear: buy now to guarantee you can get it.


This is all actually a boon for big stores, as they can sell their inventory early and direct consumers to other, comparable options that may not typically sell as well as they’ll be desperate to have something to put under the tree.

And then we see smaller retailers taking advantage of these challenging times as well – and in ways that can be mutually beneficial for consumers seeking “something” for that special someone or child in their lives. What better to show how very thoughtful and environmentally conscious a person is, than by buying something handmade from a small shop?

Cactus Clouds Art offers an exceptional example of this understanding in action, with its “shop small” promotion:

The holiday season is coming, Legos are selling out, Amazon employees are getting mandatory extra hours, and there’s still a bunch of ships full of things sitting off the coast.

You know what else is happening? Local ceramicists are drying out green ware, and getting ready for firing day. Clay earring artists are rolling out gorgeous slabs, choosing cutter shapes. Soap makers are pouring their potions into molds, and drying herbs and flowers to sprinkle on top. Painters are putting on final touches. Photographers are ordering prints. Collaborations between artists are happening, creating one-of-a-kind, beautiful things. Makers are making. Artisans are designing their booth displays. Bakers are planning their calendar and packaging.

We are getting ready for you. We are working with our hands, our imaginations are on fire, we are putting in extra hours to make sure our creations are just right.

Social and News Media Analysis of Early Offers

Early Black Friday offers are resonating well with consumers so far. They should be, as the conversation is gaining momentum, as expected, and supply chain challenges are being discussed a good bit as well:


As a whole, consumers are taking heed and planning ahead, so we see very little holiday panic, considering. Many are finding new brands to love and this leaves the door open for challenges and smaller businesses to get a foothold with hard to reach subsets.


And the emotions shared online around Black Friday shopping, as compared to the overarching social media sentiment online is overwhelmingly positive, with anticipation topping the charts.


This year, there’s lots to look forward to as we reach some level of herd immunity and a better understanding of how the world can move forward. People anticipate more time spent travelling and being around loved ones this holiday season:


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And that is a big Black Friday draw as well – travel deals. Consumers are obviously ready to get up and go, and there’s no inventory shortage on this sort of gift giving. It’s time for that industry to rebound.

Next Steps for Brands

Continuing to monitor the social mood and online conversation happening all around will be important, as will remaining flexible in light of whatever socio-economic challenges befall the world next. Having the pulse of what is happening in your vertical and the larger society as a whole is important, as is understanding how it relates to your consumers specifically. Your consumer and market intelligence must answer the tough questions for you – and you must be ready to listen and adapt your offerings accordingly.

And then, it’s also important to note that consumers can rarely be lumped together into one large group – not in a way that informs brand-specific strategy. Even our overarching analysis above will look different depending on the category and the consumer subset being targeted.

Reach out for a demo and we’ll show you how to check each box with actionable intel that will inform your next campaign and make 2021 end with fireworks.


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